“Weeds” Season 7, Episode 5 Recap – “Fingers Only Meat Banquet”

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Season 7, episode 5 of Weeds opened with gluttony and greed. There was lust and envy and sloth and wrath and pride, too, along the way. So same as any other, right?

Nancy could be Doug’s assistant and actually do a good job, but this is Nancy so she calls Dmitri trying to get more weed. Then Nancy finds out that she must fly to California for a custody hearing. So they dip a little further into Shane’s college money, $15,000 worth, which seems high even for last minute tickets. Nancy decides to bring Silas as her character witness and leaves Shane to go to school.

Turns out that Doug is helpless without Nancy, not so very surprising. While waiting for her to hopefully order him lunch from wherever she is (helpless), he decides to work. Surprise, Doug is actually good at his job. It’s been easy to forget that the last few seasons.

Doug brings his findings to his friend. The company isn’t doing nearly as well as his friend would like everyone to think. How to solve that? Take Doug for a pairs’ “happy ending” massage.

Meanwhile Andy is still in that sort of but not really ménage à trois, but after the dying husband nearly dies, or so Andy thought, he realized that he could not handle all the dying and splits.

Nancy, Shane and creepy Seward Havens find out that the hearing has been postponed, most likely just to make things that much more difficult for Nancy. Havens advises her to be calm and to think while Silas looks on in knowing disbelief.

Of course Nancy heads over to Jill’s and proceeds to have a fit and nearly gets hauled off by community security, although it becomes clear that however much Jill hates her sister, Scott is not nearly so hardened against her. Not enough to go against his wife, mind you, but enough to sneakily offer suggestions of how to get Stevie back and to tell the guard to let her go. Silas and Havens drive up to take her away and to tell her some news. Silas managed to talk the judge into listening as he…not extolled so much as laid out Nancy’s faults and virtues. The honesty seems to appeal to the judge, and he agrees to at least meet Nancy.

The judge tells Nancy to try and remember what it was like to be Silas’ mom and to find people who will help her do that. With those words barely uttered, Shane and Nancy drive and talk about the wisdom of what they are about to do. Silas wonders if they should have maybe given a bit of advance warning, but Nancy reminds him that they need to get some weed if they are going to keep those new customers he found. They pull up to an unfamiliar cottage. Who should open the door but one of Weeds best recurring characters, Heylia James. That might explain the $15,000, since she greets them with “Oh, hell, no.” Heylia might not be so thrilled to renew acquaintances.

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