‘Weeds’ Season 7, Episode 8 recap – ‘Synthetics’

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This week’s episode of Weeds saw pretty much all of Nancy’s chickens coming home to roost, which is a weird saying but Ă propos in this case. Last week ended with Zoya all menacingly “hello, lover” and that’s where this week picked up the plot.

Zoya is… not pleased with Nancy, but she’s willing to forgive her. Kind of. She threatens Nancy with a knife and the next thing you know Nancy is easing out of bed trying to leave sleeping Zoyas where they lie. She successfully manages to do that but is unable to ease the pot out of Dmitri’s room without a quickie. Nancy’s love life is slightly complicated now, and considering her track record? That is saying a lot.

Back at the cover business, Andy is busy working on making a success of his bike shop. He manages to convince a reporter to do a story on the shop complete with photos of a pretty and scowly Silas. Amazingly, all his scheming works and the shop fills up with what looks like legitimate customers. The problem is that one of the photos featured Silas, and that is somehow enough for Denny the sandwich/drug dealer to figure out that here is the wannabe competition.

Denny comes into the shop with Michelle Trachtenberg to talk shop with Silas. Well, not so much talk shop as to warn him out of the business, because Manhattan is Pouncy Party’s. The inference is that a second visit will not be nearly so civilized. I guess it’s Threaten a Botwin Day?

Shane stakes out a kid with his new best bud, only to find out that the kid is actually the detective’s stepson. There are some problems there, because no family is happy in Weeds-ville, and the detective winds up falling off the wagon. There to talk some sense into him? Shane. The murderer. This show gets weirder and weirder.

Nancy finally stumbles back to the halfway house only to be confronted by an exasperated and disappointed director who tells her that the feds tell her that Nancy is not going back to prison, and in fact is to be released. Nancy tells the director to shove it, in as nice a way as you can tell someone to shove it, so not really very nicely at all, but nice for Nancy under the current circumstances.

Nancy manages to download business files to a flash drive but the Fed tells her that the information on the memory stick is useless. Nancy manages to finagle another chance and agrees to wear a wire. Nancy then gets CEO Chuck (who isn’t actually a Chuck to anyone but Nancy and whomever she introduces him to) to take her out to dinner and hopes to get him to incriminate himself. Instead she realizes that wearing a wire around a man who knows you are a drug dealer is perhaps not the smartest way to go about things.

Nancy tries to “accidentally” drown the wire but is thwarted by a really on-the-ball agent who rushes in to save the day. Nancy then takes CEO Chuck back to the loft and introduces him all around only to realize that Dmitri is there and much to her dismay, all anyone can talk about is drug dealing—until Zoya shows up to stake her claim. At which point jaws hit the floor in the loft and the Fed van, pretty much literally.

Sat what you want about Weeds. It’s very rarely boring.

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