‘Weeds’ Season 8, Episode 13 ‘It’s Time, Part II’ Finale Recap

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Weeds opens the second part in the synagogue, or the Jewish church as Ouellette (Michael Harney) puts it. The rabbi introduces Stevie (Mateus Ward). He stands up and tells everyone that he is not going to give his prepared speech. Instead he explains that he is not Jewish. The man he called dad was. His brothers are half. Well, at least Shane (Alexander Gould) is. He’s not sure about Silas. Shane smirks. Andy (Justin Kirk) totally is. His mom? Not so much. She converted, but she was born a Methodist and once a Methodist always one. His bio dad? A Mexican drug lord, who was maybe Catholic. So you see, he’s not Jewish. And he’s not going to complete his bar mitzvah, and he walks out. His fellow bat mitzvah girl freaks out a bit and wonders if she is Jewish since she’s Chinese. Her mom try to convince her she is. Nancy (Mary-Louise Parker) looks shell-shocked. Andy looks amused.

At home, Nancy makes Stevie a plate of leftovers. He’s worried she’s going to flip out at him. She doesn’t. He asks if the party is still on. It is.

He asks about Esteban and Nancy tells him. Maybe she should have told him before, but it’s easy to see how good intentions might have gone awry here. When is it a good time to tell your kid that his dad was a criminal who tried to kill the mother of his child? She opts not to tell him that part. Notice that Guillermo didn’t tell him that part either.

Nancy tells Stevie that he can go to boarding school, and tells him that he can never hate her. He’s the happiest boy in the world. Nancy isn’t quite as thrilled, but she seems to be taking to heart what Josh told her while he waited for his taxi back to Brooklyn. He might have had a crap dad, and he did, but he turned out okay largely because his mom was always in his corner.

On that note, at the party, Nancy has an intervention of one for Shane. She tells him that he needs to get a grip. That he’s in a really bad way and that he needs to shape up. Shane is resentful because he didn’t go in on the business when it was still illegal since he had chosen policework. All of that has led Shane down this spiral. He’s ready to climb out though. And with prodding from Nancy, agrees to go to rehab, and not the same one Ouellette used.

Doug (Kevin Nealon) keeps thinking about Josh (Justin Chatwin), and he has Whit (Bruce Nozick) kidnap him again. This time, he doesn’t lead off by trying to bribe him. They really talk, and Josh forgives him. Who knows where this will lead since this is after all Doug, but it’s enough that when his husband (Jake Sandvig) calls, Josh tells him about it.

Nancy is on the verge of tears the whole time at the party. When Megan refuses to let her hold Flora, she demands Silas make Megan be nice to her. She asks why she hates her so much since Silas is in such a good place, she couldn’t have done such a bad job, right? But Silas refuses to absolve her. He no longer hates her, that was pretty much done after she was shot. But she hurt him. He forgives her. He loves her. And he’s happy now, but that doesn’t change their past, and he can’t and won’t make Megan do anything. That’s not how they work.

When she bumps into Andy while coming out of the restroom, she has a breakdown. She sobs that she is alone and that everyone is gone. She asks Andy to come back. He refuses. She tries to buy him with offers of the company or a new restaurant and sled rides for Leni when he points out that he has a daughter now. Andy tells her that he loves her, but that he can’t come back. He doesn’t want to. He tells her that she should take this time to discover herself. He walks away. Nancy sucks back her tears and calls Crick (Patch Darragh). She tells him to sell and hangs up on him as he’s rhapsodizing over it.

The series ends with Nancy sitting outside in the cold. Doug comes out to smoke up. He offers her a hit. She declines. Silas comes out. He takes a hit and passes it to Shane who’s also come out. Shane passes it to Andy who’s come out as well. As always, they’re now all clustered around Nancy. She takes the cigarette from Andy and takes a puff. They all just sit there as Rilo Kiley’s “With Arms Outstretched” plays – “I promise you I’m doing the best I can” could be Nancy’s mantra.

And that’s it for the show! What did you think? Did you like the finale? Did you expect the creek to rise? Or has he really moved on? What do you think Nancy is going to do now that she’s on her own? Or do you think the end means that Nancy is going to suck Andy back into her orbit? Funny how much things changed and yet remained completely static.

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