‘Weeds’ Season 8, Episode 3 – ‘See Blue Smell Cheese and Die’ Recap

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Weeds opens with Nancy (Mary Louise Parker) finally home from the hospital. She is generally okay, but the bullet is still in her head, and everything tastes like licorice. Jill (Jennifer Jason Leigh) and Andy (Justin Kirk) are trying to navigate the new circumstances of their relationship, and they let Nancy know about their changed status. Jill tries to be nice to Nancy, giving her grippy socks. Well, she meant to get her grippy socks, but she accidentally bought dog socks instead. Insert your own female dog joke here.

Stevie is running around with a fly swatter. It’s Andy’s way of trying to get him off of video games. That experiment is ended quickly when Stevie tries to swat a bug on Nancy. There is a scary moment for everyone when it looks like something is wrong with Nancy, but she snaps out of it and grabs Silas (Hunter Parrish). She realizes that Shane (Alexander Gould) must have gone after her shooter, and she wants to stop him. She has Silas go through Shane’s computer, and they realize that he has gone after Tim Scottson (Daryl Sabara).

They get in the car to get to Tim before Shane can, and as they drive, it becomes clear that Nancy was not awake during Tim’s visit. They both thought it was someone else, specifically Guillermo, or possibly Heylia. Tim wasn’t on the radar at all. Nancy is afraid for Shane. Silas accidentally spills that Shane has some training because he’s in the police academy.

Nancy and Silas arrive at Tim’s home, but he’s not there. Instead his girlfriend (Mae Whitman) invites them in. After Nancy asks whether or not anyone else has been by, she tells them that a friend of Tim’s came by early and she gave him Tim’s gun so that he could go hunting with him. She shows them that Tim is maybe not so together. He’s got shoeboxes filled with the corpses of bunnies. He keeps getting pet bunnies. He names them all Peter. The girlfriend thinks it’s because of Peter Rabbit. Nancy and Silas know better. Nancy tells the girlfriend that Tim shot her, she pulls down a large poster and punches the wall. From the holes, this is not new. She cannot deal anymore and leaves.

Nancy goes to find Tim at work. He works at Subway and has kind of a jerk for a boss. Nancy orders a sandwich as Tim shakes through the order. When he gives her the sub, she throws it away and tells him to get into her car. She and Silas talk to him. After Tim makes one snide remark too many, Nancy grabs him out of the car, and yells at him/Shane about how just because he’s lost his father, doesn’t mean he needs to be messed up for life. More than anything, Nancy really does not want to be responsible for one more messed up kid.

She and Silas drive Tim home after Shane does not show up to kill Tim. Nancy tells Tim to pack up and drive back to California. She wants him to pull himself together. As she’s counseling Tim, there’s a sound at the door. She sends Tim to the bathroom. It’s Shane, but he’s not there to kill Tim, he’s there with the police. The police arrest Tim. Nancy tries to get them to leave Tim alone, saying that she doesn’t want to press charges, but because of the severity of the charges she doesn’t have a say.

During all this, Andy takes over as a derby coach (apparently in Weeds world, kids roller derby) for Taylor (Amanda Pace) and Shayla (Rachel Pace). Their former coach ran off with a dancer. Scott (Mel Fair) comes to the match, and he’s basically the worst example of a parent at a kid’s game. You know the type. The ones who yell at other kids and are just generally nasty to the coach and everyone at the games. He yells at Andy when he pulls one of the twins out for being overly aggressive. When they lose, the twins leave with Scott, while another kid tells Andy that their old coach used to make them popsicles. She’s been comparing Andy to the old coach all match, and Andy finally asks if the old coach is her mom. She is. And she collapses in tears against Andy.

Scott comes over to the house and he and Andy get into a fight. The girls are disappointed that this fight didn’t end like all the other fights their parents have had and they are taking it out on Andy by dressing the same and broiling Andy’s shoes. As Scott and Andy slap at each other, the girls go from rooting on their dad to telling them that they hate them both. Scott goes off on a terrible rant that ends with him telling the girls that they hadn’t even wanted twins. They just wanted one kid and that he’d wanted Jill to get an abortion. The girls look traumatized. He stops mid-rant and tells them that he’s sorry and that he needs to get his head screwed on straight. He decides to go back to India. He tells them to listen to Andy and tells Jill he’ll be back and he’ll see her in court.

In the give Kevin Nealon something to do storyline, Doug and Whit (Bruce Nozick) meet with the SEC and are fired. Whit is beside himself, but Doug tells him to be cool. He brings him to an empty office. Turns out Doug saw the writing, and set up a charity. He also had the company give the charity a boatload of money. So that happened.

This episode’s “Little Boxes” is performed by Steve Martin and Kevin Nealon.

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