‘Weeds,’ Season 8, Episode 8 – ‘Five Miles From Yetzer Hara’ Recap

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Weeds starts off with Nancy (Mary-Louise Parker) being called into an executive’s office. He demands her car keys. She has no idea what’s going on, but she’s being promoted and given a nice car. She will have to do a lot of traveling, but there’s a lot more money. She tells him she can do more, and asks for another product. He gives her the company’s generic ADHD drug.

Meanwhile, Silas (Hunter Parrish) loves his new job. He gets to grow weed, not have to worry about being arrested and he gets paid. He’s really happy. Less happy is Shane (Alexander Gould). He hates his job at the impound lot. All day long, people yell at him because their cars have been towed. Even donut bearing visits from Angela (Danièle Watts) are not enough to make him happy.

Nancy goes to a doctor’s office and the office manager offers to sell the generic pill, and she’ll even take care of the paperwork to make it look okay. Nancy refuses. She’s depressed she was asked. At home, she walks in on Jill (Jennifer Jason Leigh) in the bathroom. She’s in Nancy’s bathtub drinking wine and eating pâté, neither of which is okay if she’s pregnant, which she’s not. She’s pre-menopausal. She’s known for three weeks and hasn’t told Andy (Justin Kirk) yet. Nancy demands she tell him. Jill thinks he’ll leave her. Nancy points out that he seems to care for Jill and that she makes him happy.

Nancy goes to talk to the rabbi (David Julian Hirsh). He comforts her, but who knows how much that sinks in with Nancy. Andy is in the greenhouse with the twins. They’ve been growing tomatoes and he’s really great with them. Jill interrupts and sends the girls in so she can tell Andy. He is livid. He can’t believe she didn’t tell him earlier. She refuses to let him leave before they hash it out. After arguing back and forth, Andy suggests they adopt and the next thing you know, they’re having sex. Everything seems to be going great until Andy says that he can’t stop wondering what his child would look like. Jill tells him that they tried. They are done, and it’s weirdly a little sad.

Silas grows some amazing marijuana plant, and he and Zach (Ben Tolpin) roll joints and blow it on some racoons. The one who has more munchies wins, and it’s Silas in a landslide. Martin (Kevin Sussman) comes upon the challenge and is a bit pissed, but is happy enough to know that Silas’ plant won.

Silas is thrilled until he watches as they hack up his plant and distill it down into little blue pills. He is very unhappy at work all of a sudden. Silas is heartbroken. Shane, on the other hand, is about to quit when his boss gives him a roll of money. It’s his cut of the cars that are sold to some sketchy guy. His boss says the cars are owned by drug dealers and gangbangers so it’s sort of justice. He decides to stay with the job.

Nancy declines the office manager’s offer, but she’s made her think. When Jill curses Nan out because she blames her for the break up with Andy. She also resents that Nancy always seems to get away with everything, including cheating death. Nancy yells that at least her girls will grow up okay, because Jill is a better mom than she is. The girls know she loves them. After they bond a bit, Nancy has an idea.

Nancy grabs Jill and they drive to a remote area. Nancy reports her car stolen, and they break the car window and grab the bag o’drugs. Then they party it up with some college students, selling the pills to the kids. Jill is thrilled to be a drug dealer.

While all this is happening, Doug (Kevin Nealon) tries to fill his homeless shelter. For some reason, he stalks one particular woman. She stabs him, but he keeps trying get her to come to his “shelter.” He finally has the bright idea to drug her. It works, and he brings her to the shelter. When the inspector comes out, he doesn’t look impressed. Doug sees that and, being the gross and despicable person he is, he offers the man a…favor of the oral kind, from the drugged homeless woman. The inspector agrees, but he wants Doug on his knees, not the woman. Doug does it.

Oh, and Nancy hooks up with the rabbi. She tries to remain detached, but the rabbi insists that she look at him. He’s definitely getting to her.

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