Weight Loss Doctor Sexually Assaults Successful Patients

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Leave it to a creative weight loss doctor to reward patients who have lost the fat by sexually assaulting them. Apparently, Dr. Arie Oren, of Consohocken, Pennsylvania, is so desperate that he has to resort to his patients for sexual gratification.

One victim of Oren’s said he told her, “The visit is on the house because you’re so hot.” The 64-year-old creep groped women’s breasts, tried to kiss them and even used a vibrator on one.

He allegedly told one patient who had successfully lost weight, ” YouÂ’re getting an extra special treat for losing all the weight,” and then he whipped out a vibrator and used it on and around her vagina.

First of all, one must ask how this doctor is able to even get these women in the position where he can stick his fingers up their vaginas, much less use a vibrator on them. Is he that charismatic? Is he that convincing? Do the women completely trust the doctor, close their eyes and allow him to examine them naked? The most pressing question is, though, where was he hiding the vibrator?

This is a weight loss doctor, not a gynecologist. It’s perfectly normal and acceptable that your gynecologist will examine and even probe your vagina. A weight loss doctor, not so much.

Oren, the “I wanna be your lover” weight loss doctor has been arraigned, but no bail has bail has been set yet.


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