Weight Loss Secret of Jennifer Hudson

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So what is Jennifer Hudson’s weight loss secret?  Jennifer Hudson recently loss weight after having a baby boy just 7 months ago.  Jennifer Hudson lost 20 pounds on Weight Watchers.

Jennifer Hudson won an Academy Award for her role of Effie, in “Dream Girls” in 2006.

Jennifer Hudson is now a spokes person for Weight Watchers and Jennifer Hudson told her story on Good Morning America.  Jennifer Hudson joins other successful Weight Watch spokes persons of such fame as Lynn Redgrave and Sarah Ferguson.

Weight Watcher’s weight loss program is successful because weight watchers teaches you how to eat what you like and still lose the weight.  I myself lost over 40 pounds on the Weight Watchers plan, and they asked me to do a clinic for them, but I couldn’t at the time.

Weight Watchers not only tells you how to lose weight but encourages you each week. 


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