Weight Watchers’ Oaty Chocolate Chip Mini Cookies

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Whenever my parents visit my sister in the U.K., they bring back Weight Watcher treats from the airline lounge at Heathrow. It’s wonderful for me – I get to try new, free treats that help stick to my weight-loss/management plan!

This time, they brought back a few different types. Today I tried the “Oaty Chocolate Chip Mini Cookies.”

That’s a LONG name for a little cookie!

These are interesting. They are very crunchy (no soft cookies here) and, obviously, mini. There are 8 cookies per pouch (the amount pictured on the front) and each pouch is 2 PointsPlus (or ProPoints, as they call them in the U.K.). I guess that’s standard for a small pouch, but I expected more.

They have a hint of oatmeal, but no chocolate that I can discern. The oat does give the cookies a bit of a chewy texture, but overall, these are crunch, harder cookies. Which isn’t bad, per se – hard cookies have a place! And that place is perfect for traveling.

Overall, I enjoy these cookies and will continue to eat them, but probably wouldn’t buy them.

*UPDATE: Upon careful consideration, I decided these would be wonderful with some milk, hot chocolate or coffee (which I don’t drink) to soften them up. Mmm.

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