Weird Al Yankovic and the Gaga Saga

Weird Al Yankovic would have loved to include a parody of Lady Gaga’s hit “Born This Way” on his new album. But Gaga said she’d need to hear it first. So he wrote down the words to “Perform This Way” and sent them to her. She said no, she’d need to actually hear it.

At this point Weird Al, as anyone would be, was stumped. Lady Gaga had the words to a parody of her own song, and surely she knew what the song sounded like, so why would she need Al to actually record it?

In good faith, Al canceled a vacation and went in the studio, and he and his band worked around the clock to finish the song and send it to Gaga.

Who then said “no.”

This, even after Al clearly stated that all proceeds realized from the song would be donated to the Human Rights Campaign, just in case anyone found his parody insensitive.

Well Al, never one to accept a complete waste of time and money (who is?), posted the parody for free on YouTube for the whole world to enjoy. See, legally he doesn’t need to get the artist’s permission to do a parody, but always does so as a matter of professional courtesy. Since Gaga said no, Al can’t include it on an album — but he can certainly give it away.

The real tragedy in all this is that Al said that the video they had planned was ” … BEYOND AWESOME, and disturbing on so many levels.” Damn you, Gaga!

If you want to read the entire story, check out Al’s blog here.


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