Weird News: Cop Gets Arrested for DUI After Citizen Stops Police Van Driving Recklessly

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When it comes to weird news, the idea of a police officer driving drunk definitely fits the definition of bizarre events. After driving on the wrong side of the road Nkuleleko Mbanjwa was pulled out of his vehicle by Russell George who alleged the man was drunk. The police officer had alcohol on his breath and witnesses suggested he had too much to drink.

Police car with emergency lights onWhile the South African incident has people shocked, it was the decision of Russell George that makes everyone realize how lucky it was nobody was injured. The police officer was held by George with a citizen arrest and put into the back of the police vehicle while more police came. While Russell first called the police to assist, no officers came to the scene immediately and the citizen was concerned the alleged tipsy cop would have driven off and hurt someone. Grabbing the man out of the vehicle, the situation was put in lock down until more police arrived a short time later.

Nkuleleko Mbanjwa apparently was enjoying his birthday a little too much after giving a bottle of spirits. Not only is it alleged that he was driving recklessly there was another traffic incident reported too. He allegedly hit another vehicle prior to his citizen arrest and fled. While the details of the first incident weren’t clear, the damage on the officer’s van was enough of a match to face additional charges.

The idea that the police officer would be so careless about the lives of the citizens he was sworn to protect shows how a momentary lack of common sense happens to everyone. Drinking and driving is a serious issue and alcohol related traffic accidents happen all too often. According to Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) 9,878 people were killed in automobile accidents last year.

Russell George definitely took a risk making a citizen arrest of a police officer, but apparently it was the right decision. The weird news that he arrested a cop has made him famous in South Africa. The man will not be facing any charges or reprisals for his actions. The officer is currently being investigated and off the streets until the matter is sorted out.

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