Weird News on Philippine Airlines: Woman, Aida Alamillo, Gave Birth in Air!

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On a Philippine Airline flight, a woman gave birth while still in the air! Aida Alamillo was 35 weeks’ pregnant when she went into early labor. Flight 104 turned into a mini hospital, while a few nurses and cabin crew members helped Alamillo have her healthy baby boy come into the world.

The Philippine Airline birth took place at 3:25 p.m. PDT. One of the flight’s passengers, Antonia Castañeda, told about the amazing airplane birth. Castañeda reported that the Alamillo baby had “good skin color” and that he had a “loud cry” as he was born mid-air.

After the Philippine Airlines’ birth, the flights’ passengers gave a loud cheer, and then Aida Alamillo began to immediately breastfeed her new little boy. Was she embarrassed giving birth in front of all of the flight’s passengers? Maybe she wasn’t during the actual birth, but breastfeeding in front of people would be quite awkward.

After the airline flight landed, Alamillo and her new baby boy were met immediately by a team of paramedics and an ambulance at 7:27 p.m. at the San Francisco International Airport. The Filipino mother and her son were taken to Burlingame’s Mills Peninsula Medical Center to be properly taken care of.

Certainly Alamillo was shocked to go into labor, while in the air. She must have been scared half to death. Wouldn’t you think that Alamillo had signs of labor before getting on the Philippine’s flight for San Francisco? Why would she get aboard the flight?

And don’t the airlines have special requirements for flying, while near the end of a woman’s pregnancy term? If not, they should! Fortunately, the crew members were specially trained for births, while on flight. Thank goodness!

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