Weird Video: Kristen Stewart Lover Rupert Sanders Adjusts His Junk at Dinner

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It was thought that every aspect of the Kristen Stewart cheats on Robert Pattinson with Rupert Sanders sex scandal has been covered, but, apparently not.

In the video below, Sanders is caught adjusting his unmentionables while at dinner with the stars of his movie Snow White And The Huntsman as paparazzi film the entire episode.

The clip was dug up by the web gossip site EntertainmentWise from a dinner K-Stew, Charlize Theron and Sanders were having while promoting the movie in Berlin.

As a videographer rolls film from the street outside the Monsieur Vuong restaurant through a tiny window, Sanders reaches down into his white boxer shorts at the table.

Maybe they were hitching up? That would explain such a rude thing to do. But it gets worse. Sanders actually reaches down into his crotch and adjusts his junk!

Kristen Stewart didn’t miss the weird move. A blowup of her face seems to indicate either she’s disgusted, or that at that moment she was trying hard to swallow her schnitzle appetizer.

The only question left is: who picked up the check?


Here’s the video:

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