Welcome to My World…! (Photo Essay)

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fileId:3096224744134442;size:full;Welcome to my world, were solid ancient rock mixes with the ocean carving out natural holes and underwater caves which I didn't  leave any unexplored, great for speargun fishing, nice size Groupers and Octopus were always my daily catch.







One easy and delicious catch is the Sea Urchin with it's sweet ocean taste, it's always worth one or two hours of diving for, armed with only a kitchen knife and a floating basket it's not hard to bring home a few pounds of this marine fruit.








After exploring the underside of nature and picking it's fruits, it time for enjoying the air under my body waiting to immerge with a splash into fresh crystal clear waters, wiping clean of my mind everything except the fact of being imbraced by this immense body of water.








I love retreating into this wonderful scenic seascape, relaxing to the sounds of the waves hiting against the rocky coast, even listening to music or reading a good book is always a great mixture of the pleasure's of life.









Another favorite fishing and swimming spot where once a whale got stuck in this insenatura, it was the talk of town, the very spot where I learned how to swim and fish the ocean waters.

In the Winter time when storms brew up the waves cover most of the rocks with a monsterous noise I actually Love.







Finally my home town Augusta, Siracusa, Sicily
A view from the hill.












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