Wendy Williams Real Love Triangle Experience Helps on Her New Game Show Network Show

Wendy Williams’s previous and personal love triangle experience is helping her with her latest show, Love Triangle, via the Game Show Network.

Like many women, Wendy admits that earlier on in life, she was able to juggle her relationships with two men in an “easy” fashion. However, Williams is singing a drastically different tune now. She is the committed and married mother of one.

Wendy Williams calls her Love Triangle “an adult show.” Wendy is mainly interested in those who are older and in sexual relationships with multiple partners. However, it’s important to remember that age does not necessarily translate into experience or intelligence.

Hopefully, Love Triangle will be as much fun for those who chose to appear on the show as it will be for Wendy Williams. Seriously, Game Show Network will probably have to cancel it if it turns into a Jerry Springer type show, which it may.

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