Were Laura Bush and George Bush Poisoned in Germany?

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                                            Yes, according to a new book coming out in May.  The New York Times has released information about Laura Bush’s new book, “Spoken fromt the Heart.”  In the book, Laura Bush discusses an accident where she lost a friend in high school to a car accident, her harsh words for critics of her husband, and that she thinks she and George W. Bush were poisoned during the G8 Summit in Germany along with members of their staff.

According to the article on www.MSNBC.Com, Mrs. Bush says the Secret Service investigated the illnesses the Bushes and their staff suffered but that doctors could only conclude they all came down with the same virus, but no one ever told her if any other delegations contracted “the virus” and she suspect that Bush and his wife were poisoned.

What a terrible thing for a first lady to think that the President, his wife, and staff may have been poisoned.  This was according to the book, at a time when other high profile people were being poisoned.

I guess I thought that stopped in ancient times.  But I can’t wait to read Laura Bush’s book, “Spoken From the Heart.”  I wonder who Mrs. Bush suspects of poisoning them?

Interesting at best?  Do you think it was a foreign entity she suspects or someone from in the United States, and if so, who?

The book discusses her haunting rememberance of a high school car crash from which she was thrown from the car, and her friend killed, and how rude Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid have been to her husband.

Should be an interesting read.

The book will be out in May.

 Article source: www.msnbc.com


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