Were the Dallas Cowboys Wrong for Allowing Josh Brent on the Sidelines on Sunday?

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The Dallas Cowboys beat the Pittsburgh Steelers Sunday in overtime but that isn’t what has people talking on Monday. Josh Brent, who was just released from jail on a $50,000 bond for intoxication manslaughter, was on the sidelines on Sunday and had Jerry Brown’s jersey draped over his shoulder during the national anthem. CBS’s analysts Boomer Esiason and Bill Cowher both described Brent’s presence as insensitive and wrong during their halftime commentary. Many may agree with them but maybe they should have been looking at the wishes of Brown’s mother. Jerry Brown’s mom, Stacey Jackson, has said she has forgiven Brent and even invited him to the funeral to say goodbye. The Cowboys players were only honoring her wishes by having him with them.

File:Jerry Brown, dallas cowboys LB.jpgNot only were Jackson’s wishes being honored but also the needs of the players on the field. They may be big strong men that play a game for a living but they still lost one teammate at the hands of another. They are rallying around Josh Brent because they need to have a way to help to get through the grieving process. Whether the public agrees or not if the players and Stacey Jackson want Brent on the sideline for every game between now and the end of the season, he should be there. In the end the only people that are allowed to be offended by Brent’s presence on the Dallas Cowboy sideline are Jerry Brown’s family and the Cowboys players and staff. Seeing as how they are the ones asking him to attend analysts and the public need to leave the matter alone.

The Dallas Cowboys have added number 53 to the uniforms of all their active players and Jerry Brown’s number was on head coach Jason Garrett’s cap just to the left of the Dallas D. Look for the team to find other ways to honor their lost teammate through the rest of this season and the coming off-season.

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