West Coast IVF Clinic Named By Octuplet Mom Nadya Suleman

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The Ann Curry/Nadya Suleman NBC interview has finally gotten to the nitty gritty and I was shocked to hear today that a US fertility treatment center called “West Coast IVF Clinic” has been named by Suleman as the clinic she visited to conceive the Octuplets.

West Coast IVF Clinic is headed up by Dr. Michael Kamrava who I am guessing is hiding out right now. The website has not yet crashed and you can check it out here. Nadya Suleman told Ann Curry during the interview that she had six embryos implanted which she felt “appropriate,” but as far as I know most doctors are hesitant to implant more than two embryos.

I am sure we will be hearing a lot about West Coast IVF Clinic and Dr. Michael Kamrava as this story continues to unfold. I personally have all along been waiting to get to this point. I think the doctor in this whole situation has some explaining to do. That’s the interview I want to see.

Watch the Interview:


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