West Virginia Primary: Obama Edges Out Inmate #11593-051

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Felon Keith Judd gave President Barack Obama a run for his money in the West Virginia primary Tuesday, despite being locked up 1,200 miles away in a federal penitentiary.

This story is hilarious. Apparently, Judd is a serving time in a minimum security prison is Beaumont, TX, but managed to scrape together the $2,500 to get on the ballot in West Virginia. The convicted extortionist, inmate number 11593-051, ran on a platform centered around opposition to Obamacare and, of course, felons’ voting rights.

At least, the media liberals can’t attack Judd’s character. He’s a felon! He has no character!

In the Democratic West Virginia primary, Obama garnered a little less than 60 percent of the vote, and Judd came in second with 40 percent.

What do the West Virginia primary results mean for the general election? Are they a bad omen for the president? The North Carolina primary also showed some dire signs for Obama, with one-fifth of Democrats choosing “no preference” over the president.

The White House likely doesn’t consider West Virginia a high priority, though, considering the state went decisively for John McCain in 2008.

Wacky Wednesday: Convicted Felon Keith Judd Takes 42% of West Virginia's Democratic Primary Votes

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