Westboro Baptist Church tweets plans to picket Jobs’ funeral… from an iPhone

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Margie Phelps, one of the Westboro Baptist church leaders, showed the world just how big a hypocrite she is. After hearing about the death of Apple co-founder and technology innovator Steve Jobs, Phelps took it upon herself to tweet her vile church’s plans to picket his funeral—from her Apple iPhone.

As a result of this, Twitter is aflutter with short blurbs of commentary calling out Phelps’s simultaneously hilarious and offensive show of asshattery. One user, who goes by the name @Jeremy_Baker, wrote: “The kicker… @MargieJPhelps used an iPhone for that tweet! Oh the world is tragically hilarious.”

Another user tweeted: “@MargieJPhelps you are aware Steve Jobs invented the iPhone which you used to post that tweet with, right?”

This brings up an interesting question. Does Margie Phelps really know that Steve Jobs and Apple created the iPhone? Kind of makes you wonder just how stupid/sheltered/disconnected from reality these people really are, doesn’t it? If anything, she could have at least tweeted her bile from something that wouldn’t automatically tell the world the manner in which you announced it, like a laptop or desktop computer. Anything.

But instead, she’s made herself (yet again) and her WBC cronies the laughing stock of society, brining shame and dishonor into the house of Phelps. Of course, neither she nor her family will get it. They’re stuck in la-la land, damning the innocent and tilting at windmills.

Image: Image of Margie Phelps’ tweet

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