Westboro Baptist Church Will Protest Foo Fighters Concert

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The Westboro Baptist Church, a massive family of idiots with inbred-ideals, plans on picketing a concert in Texas. The band performing is the Foo Fighters of all performers, so why is the WBC so interested in the band? Why the Foo Fighters? What on earth did Dave Grohl ever do?

Sources report that the Westboro Baptist Church is accusing the Foo Fighters of promoting idolatry, adultery, fornication, and blah blah blah *snore*. So basically, the WBC is going after a pretty mellow alternative rock band with pretty radio-friendly lyrics in most of their songs for promoting adultery and fornication? Wow. It seems that if they were going after entertainers that promote fornication, they’d have a whole list of A-listers and all-around more interesting people than the Foo Fighters.

Perhaps one of the young’ns in the Phelps brood got caught listening to them and this is becoming a personal vendetta for the group of zealots. Maybe they’re trying to find something else to do with their schedules since they keep getting blocked from protesting funerals. These people are absolutely ridiculous and, to be frank, idiotic for thinking they’re going to get anywhere by protesting a rock concert. Rockstars feed on that and so do those who harness the rock culture. You wanna protest a rock band? Go right on ahead, morons.

Certainly the members of the alternative rock band have caught wind of this threat by the Westboro Baptist Church and are having a hearty laugh about the whole thing. Maybe they’ll dedicate one of their grittiest songs to the group of idiot bible-thumpers.

Certainly, like always, christians will try to say that these people are not christian, but the fact of the matter is that the WBC reveals a dark side of christianity. This is the dark underbelly of the religion and these people harness some of the very teachings of the bible. These people are the very reason why the government isn’t allowed to adopt a religion to symbolize this nation. They are the reasons why the separation of church and state even exists. If people like the WBC had their way, there would be public stonings and witch burnings, among other monstrosities against humanity, and it’s all because the bible tells this lot of morons to believe this way.

Hopefully the people who plan on attending this Foo Fighters concert in Kansas City behave themselves and simply ignore the loud, vulgar bunch from the Westboro Baptist Church. Just enjoy your concert and go home when it’s over. Let the WBC be the ones to look like jackasses in public.


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