Westminster Dog Show 2009 Winner is Sussex Spaniel Stump

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The winner of the best in show prize at the 2009 Westminster Dog Show was chosen yesterday. The winner was a Sussex Spaniel named Stump who was 10 years old, the equivelent of 70 in human years! The competition included a Scottish deerhound named Tiger Woods, a Puli known for its dreadlocks and a Scottish terrier.


Stump has been in retirement up until recently and in 2004 he nearly died from a bacterial infection that took 19 days to diagnose. Stump is now taking the place of last year's winner, the beagle named Uno, as the country's number one dog.  


 ( Photo from AP / Peter Kramer)

Watch the Westminster Dog Show 2009 Winner Sussex Spaniel Stump on YouTube:




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