Weston Cage to Sue Trainer Who Beat Him Up

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Weston Cage, Nic Cage’s son, plans to sue his former trainer who beat him yesterday after an incident in a Hollywood restaurant.

His trainer, Kevin Villegas, has since been fired for his behavior after Wes reportedly flipped out on him in the restaurant. The two had a scuffle, and Kevin started beating Wes on the curb outside of the restaurant. Wes took 13 hits, which left him bloody, and it was all captured on film. The attack caused injuries that required stitches and has left Wes being evaluated for head and brain trauma. It’s clear in the video that the hits were quite hard and were close-fisted hits. There’s no doubt that Wes endured head trauma, but hopefully it’s not anything that will cause permanent damage to him.

According to Radar Online, Kevin was hired to protect the 20-year-old. In addition, Villegas was Wes’ high school wrestling coach.

However, their history of knowing each other since high school will do nothing to stop Wes from filing a lawsuit against Villegas. Bystanders who saw the fight report that Wes was defenseless and that Villegas refused to stop hitting him long after Wes was unable to defend himself. This is clearly seen on the video of the attack that TMZ has posted online. What’s also present on that video is a bunch of people filming the attack, but doing absolutely nothing at all to stop it.

While Wes was out of line while in the restaurant, Villegas Is Kristen Stewart 'Vogue' Photoshop too Much?was clearly out of line outside of it. How will a judge decide who’s right and who’s wrong? How do you think this lawsuit will turn out? Who will come out the winner in the end? Weigh in below.

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