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WEWE  CHALLENGE ~ Simply let the topic that pops into your mind take on a life of its own, and WRITE!

In the first episode, Alphs was reading to his children the last story from their forefather. It ended with:

“I do not see the value in this book. Why are you reading it to us? It seems to be nothing but a diary of this man’s life.”

“I am old and soon will no longer be able to see to read. You will understand the meaning and your past as I read on.”

And so, Alphs read to the gathering.



NEO2 – part two

“The day after true nightly bliss, arm in arm together on our bed that hadn’t been so blessed since the passing of my wife, I for once felt of value. I kissed my new wife, vowing to be faithful; with full knowledge that it was none other than the spirit of my late wife that resided in her luscious robotic body.

 “She was not the great cook as my late wife and sending her to cooking school made little difference, but she satisfied my needs. I did choose to give her a different name, however. I called her Rob, a cute name for what she was, and reminder for me that she was not human – simply a robot for my daily needs. Truly, though, I fell in love with her.

“After a year, we discussed the possibility of a baby. She said, ‘I was created to bear your baby. All you had to do was tell me.’

“That night was a night never to be forgotten. A night of pure, unprotected and irresponsible passion.

“It was only a month later that she told me she thought to be perhaps pregnant and she needed to see the doctor. After her doctor visit, she came home with bad news. ‘Abraham, he says I’m with baby, but it is in peril and I must stay in his hospital until the baby arrives.’

“I was devastated; torn between having a child and not having a wife for 8 months. Plus, she had said that I wouldn’t be allowed to visit her.

“After her departure to the hospital I spent endless days and nights pondering the future and worrying of her health. I built a crib, redecorated our den, turning it into a room that only a baby could love. Still feeling restless and with no news of my wife, I chose to risk it. Many times in the past few months I had entered the hospital with questions regarding my wife, only to be told that she was in extreme danger and the slightest upset could cause her to lose both the baby and her. This time, unable to stand not seeing her, with memory of my late wife’s death, I decided to sneak in. Sneak in I did and went from room to room, shocked at what I observed.

“In one room full of test tubes were what appeared to be embryos and another, a nursery filled with newborns. Another room held toddlers.

“I continued my search, longing to know that Rob was doing well, but upon entering the last room and cracking the door, I was appalled at the vision shown to me. It was her, and she was making it with another. She was making love to a strange male. Unable to bear the sight or believe that my mind was in sane condition, I left the hospital, hopefully unseen and returned home.

“When sanity finally returned to me, I realized that was not my wife, Rob, that I had seen; it was a different robot and that thought put my mind to rest. Best I continue making the baby room perfect for our new baby, assuring myself that Rob would be fine and would bring our baby home.

“It was only two weeks later that I received a call from the hospital. ‘Abraham? We have good news for you. You are now the proud father of a bouncing, health baby boy. Your wife and new baby will be delivered to you tomorrow morning.’

“Imagine my joy, excitement, fuss needed to greet a brand new baby. That night I dreamed of her and him and how happy we would be.

“She and our new baby appeared in my kitchen when I awoke and was on my way to prepare coffee. My excitement could only be compared to the flame inside me as I looked at the Madonna and child. Thrilled was I to watch our baby suckling on his mother. This I thought was truly my child. Life was good.

“’His eyes are blue like mine,’ I said to Rob.

“’Yes, and he has your nose.’

“Life was good for a very long time.

“It was only a month after Rob came home with the newborn when she announced she was once again pregnant with child. And, it was only a month later when she arrived with the second newborn. While I did have trouble understanding her quick incubation period, I bought her story. She was in fact, a robot. She had learned from the first birth how to do it and do it better, faster.”


As Alphs read, the words came slower and slower until he finally paused and told the children, “I am old and can no longer go on. One of you children must finish this story.”

Hal picked up the book, but with frightened eyes, said, “Father, the batteries are dead and we have no replacements.”

“Mine are also dying. Remember what I taught you. Use my body so that others might survive. Live long and prosper. May your batteries recharge.”

“Dang, now we have to haul another carcass to the scrap yard.”

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