WEWE ~ YesYes ~ WEDNESDAY Imagery Writing prompt ~ What WE SEE by Rene Allen

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WEWE ~ YesYes ~ Gather Writing Essential WEDNESDAY prompt for the month of MARCH 2014

“Thinking About An Awesome COMPOSITION”

[A Lesson in IMAGERY Writing]


In response to the Wednesday WEWE ~ YesYes Gather Essential Writing prompt, following is my entry…


“What WE SEE”

by René Allen


It is just an image.  Just a photo.  Just a scene.  Just a little slice of something that makes your mind conjure up a spark that ignites a train of thought.  That is what happens each time we lay our eyes upon an object.  Imagery is the oil that sparks mind thoughts that take us to various places that we least expect.  We forget all about the many images that change our emotions in our day to day living.  We forgot that when we saw that short news clip on television that it affected our day.  That particular photo of a loved one brought tears to our eyes because we remembered all of the things that we did with them while they were alive, and we so wish that we could still pick up the telephone and hear their voice.

The IMAGE of the man sitting on the keyboard takes my mind to thoughts of divine inspiration.  Why so?  Well, there are streams of light coming towards our man on the edge of the keyboard.  His feet are wedged in the crack of the “enter” button.  His hands are folded in contemplation.  Should he write?  What should he write about?

This IMAGE says to me, “I can make these keys do whatsoever I please.”  I can write a story that makes you laugh, or cry, or think.  I can choose to internalize this image and say nothing at all.  But first, just let me take a moment to think about it.  Should I enter the “Writer’s Zone”?  If I do, will you join me?  Will you too write a story?  Will you read mine, and I read yours?

Writers hold a power that cannot be taken lightly.  Words are the seeds to many a great and lasting path.  Long after the Author is gone from this earth plane, the words still remain.  There are many Authors and Writers that were members of Gather, and they have passed, but hopefully this Site will remain so that their words can still be treasured by others.

More than anything, I hope that after I’m long gone…

I will have written something that is worthy of a read.  What about you?


by René Allen

© Copyright – René Allen – 2014 – All Rights Reserved

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