WEWE ~ YesYes ~ Wednesday Writing Essential prompt for the month of FEBRUARY 2014 ~ COMPOSITION FLOW

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WEWE ~ YesYes ~ Gather Writing Essential prompt for the month of FEBRUARY 2014



[STILL FLOWING through the entire month of FEBRUARY!]

KEEP THE WRITING FLOWING with all WEDNESDAY prompts (Challenges)…

January 15th,January 22nd and February 5th prompts (Challenges)


Just for the FUN of Our Writing experience for Gather Writing Essential Gather Group, we will still be carrying on for the month of February with all of Our WEDNESDAY prompts!

Let’s make Our Writing Life more interesting.

Here are the links to the first two Wednesday prompts…

Wednesday Writing Essential ~ WEWE ~ January 15th, 2014 ~ Do you write in pencil or do you write in pen?

WEWE ~ YesYes ~ Wednesday Gather Writing Essential ~ January 22nd, 2014 ~ The Elder Walk ~ Long or short road?

You can choose to write for either of the above prompts, or BOTH for today.  There is no limit to the number of writings that you’d like to share with us, nor is there an immediate cut off date.  You may also choose to write for the February 5th prompt, which was this…


You are sitting down at your desk with your Composition Book.  You have your pencil and a huge eraser on hand.  What is the topic that pops into your head?  If you have more than one topic, that is great too!

Next, decide on which topic (if you have more than one) that you would like to expand upon first, then do the 2nd one or 3rd one if you have more than one topic that pops into your busy mind.  Keep in mind that you have the huge eraser.

THINK ON THIS:  As a Author/Writer, how do you handle writing about something that keeps coming to the forefront of your mind?  What do you do about topics that you can’t seem to figure out how to begin writing?  For instance, do you find it hard to lay out your opening?  Do you find it hard to keep the flow of your writing going?  Do you find it difficult to come up with the ending?

The idea for all prompts is to make WEDNESDAYS  a very therapeutic writing experience ~ We are going to compose the thoughts that roll around in our heads ~ hence, the COMPOSITION BOOK.

This is what I’m suggesting for every day of the week, and especially on WEDNESDAYS!

TODAY ~ Simply let the topic that pops into your mind take on a life of its own, and WRITE!

Let your lead pencil create, or let your ink flow in your pen.  Whichever you are more comfortable with.  Because you know that ultimately, you must let your fingers work the keyboard.

Don’t worry about how it sounds for today, because you have us to critique your writing.  [We’ll love you no matter what].  And, what I think that you’ll find is that your writing will come out just fine!

[Remember, you have an eraser if you’d like to edit your writing ~ smiles]

It is NOW FEBRUARY 19th, 2014, and whichever prompt you choose to write about, use any of the following tags…

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