What Are “The Biggest Loser’ Winners Up To Now?

With The Biggest Loser recently crowning a brand new champ, it raises a good question. What are previous winners of the competition up to these days? Take a look and see.

Football coach and teacher John Rhode won Season 12. Since then, he’s continued to teach. He also ran a marathon just this past March. He’s keeping his fit shape after losing almost half his body weight; going from 445 pounds to 225 pounds.

The Season 11 winner Olivia Ward keeps busy by talking with others about weight loss. She travels with sister, Hannah Curlee, encouraging people who are trying to match her success. Her best advice: “Deciding mentally first to overcome the scale is key to success.” Ward also dropped about half of her body weight on the show, going from 261 pounds to just 132 pounds.

Season 10 winner Patrick House used his show experience to change his life in more ways than one. He went from 400 pounds down to 219 to improve his own quality of life. Then he took a job with Mindstream Academy to help other teens try to improve their lives as well. In between work and home, he hits the gym, continuing to exchange fat for muscle.

Losing more than half his body weight definitely changed the life of Michael Ventrella. The Biggest Loser‘s Season 9 winner went from 526 pounds to 262 pounds. He works hard to keep the weight off and reaches out to others who are trying to overcome weight problems as well as other life obstacles.

Danny Cahill of Season 8 is undoubtedly one of the most impressive show contestants. He entered the competition at 430 pounds. He now tips the scale at just 191 pounds. Running keeps him in shape and trains him for marathons. Like other show winners, he speaks with people about his experiences and encourages those who are fighting a similar battle. His slogan is “lose your quit!”

These past winners join together with newest champion Jeremy Britt to prove that one can do anything if they set their mind to it. Congratulations to all!

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