“What Comes First?” (Monday Writing Essential)

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This week’s challenge is tough: Describe a theme you have used in a story.

What works for you?  What themes do you use in your writing?

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“What Comes First?”

If the old “what comes first?” query applies to the development of a story, then my answer would be theme. Theme is at the conception stage and drives my writings, and since I don’t outline, theme is not only my inspiration but my accountability partner.

In previous works, I have used countless themes; for the young adult fiction series, I develop coming-of-age themes dealing with a pertinent issue of adolescence. As for my MWE write, “How Sweet the Sound,” my theme lives within the unwritten portion of the story. Since I skipped the plot development stage, only I know where the story is going—and sometimes I am not completely sure of that either. With that said, my theme for the MWE story is: Inherent traits bond three generations of a family.

I will add to the piece this week, introducing Moses’ family to the reader. I have thoroughly enjoyed this exercise, since it was short and I did not wait until Sunday night to complete it. J


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