What Comes Next For The New Moon Cast?

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 It’s true that much of the cast of the Twilight Saga all skyrocketed there statuses to superstardom in there box office hits Twilight and New Moon and it will only get better as the fan base grows. But, what is next for the cast will there great movies end after  the Twilight Saga ends or has this just been a chain reaction to more new films to being in their future?

 Kristen Stewart has worked in many films before Twilight but, will only bigger better films begin afterwards? She is set to star in a troubled teen film Yellow Handkerchief  due Feb.12th , she also appears in Welcome to Rileys a drama in which she plays a lap dancer as well as she stars in the Joan Jett Biopic The Runaways alongside her New Moon costar Dakota Fanning.

Robert Pattinson is set to costar with Emile de Ravin in Remember Me which opens March 12th in which he plays a college wayward student. Robert is also set to play in two other projects Unbound Captives a western costarring Hugh Jackman and Bel Ami a drama about an ambitious journalist  who becomes involved with a Paris socialite played by Uma Thurman. Along way from Hogwarts away Robert goes.

Taylor Lautner is in a film with costar Taylor Swift (rumored girlffriend) in the romantic comedy Valentine’s Day opening Feb.12th and also is in talks to play Max Steel.

Can’t wait to see these movies


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