What did Tiger Woods Say in speech today? Tiger Woods Apology Video

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The latest sports media buzz has everyone wondering just what did Tiger say?  They’re referring of course to earlier Friday, when pro golf star Tiger Woods made a public statement for the first time since his 11/27 car crash to address his extra-marital affairs and relationship with Elin Woods.  The Tiger Woods speech today came from Ponte Vedra Beach, FL about 11 AM EST and was covered by most media outlets including Fox News and CBS.  Tiger addressed the people in the room as his friends saying everyone in the room has the right to be critical of him.  In the Tiger Woods apology video, the golf star is seen choked up as he offered a deep apology for “irresponsible and selfish” behavior he engaged in. 

Tiger noted that he and wife Elin have started a process of discussing the damage he did.  Wood said his apology to Elin will come from his behavior over time.  Wood said he’s aware of the pain he caused, having let down everyone in the room and his fans by his behavior.  Woods vowed to continue the good charitable work he set out to do.  Tiger Woods addressed the idea that Elin attacked him on Thanksgiving night, saying she’s never hit him ever during their marriage.  He added that his wife has shown tremendous grace and poise throughout the ordeal, deserving of praise, not blame.

During the Tiger Woods speech today which lasted 13 minutes in time, Tiger made plenty of apologies.  He said he only thought about himself the entire time, thinking he could get away with whatever he wanted.  Tiger said he felt “entitled to enjoy all the temptations around him” due to the money and fame he achieved.  Woods noted he brought shame on himself, hurting his wife, kids and mother in the process.  Tiger’s mother was shown among the press conference attendees who were made up of 40 selected friends and family members.  Elin Woods was not present.  Tiger also quoted “It’s not what you achieve in life that matters, it’s what you overcome”, talking about how character and decency really count the most.  Tiger said he’s got a long path ahead of him to get better through rehabiliation and counseling, so he can start living a life of integrity. 

Many people who were unable to see today’s press conference will continue to wonder “what did Tiger say” in his public speech, since it’s been so long since they’ve heard from the golf star.  The Tiger Woods Apology Video available here from Fox News shows Tiger’s complete apology speech made earlier today.

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