What Do Ashley Dupre and Sarah Palin Have in Common?

After posting about the Ashley Dupre Playboy pictures, I noticed her resemblance to Sarah Palin.  Don’t you think the pics of Ashley Dupre wearing eyeglasses have a Sarah Palin look?  It made me consider the other similarities between Ashley Dupre and Sarah Palin:

Ashley Dupre Playboy pictures and Levi Johnson Playgirl pics then that famous Sarah Palin Newsweek cover…let’s face it, they all like to show off some skin.  Sex sells and distracts the public from the truth.

Ashley Dupre screwed New York Governor Eliot Spitzer causing further screw ups in New York.  Sarah Palin made a mess in Alaska and certainly didn’t seem to help John McCain’s campaign.

Ashley Dupre and Sarah Palin both put on dark framed eyeglasses to look smarter-er.

Ashley Dupre is a journalist for the New York Post and Sarah Palin is a Fox News contributor.  Both have limited credibility.

Do you think we’ll see Sarah Palin running with Ashley Dupre for President and Vice President?  What do they know about politics and foreign policy?  Who cares, they are hot!  Hey, you just never know…

Check out these video images of Ashley Dupre and Sarah Palin…c’mon, don’t you see a resemblance?

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