What Does 420 Mean? Fun Activities to Celebrate the Event – Baking and Adult Easter Egg Hunt

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I think I first heard the term 420 in college in a random dorm room on the University Campus. Ironically it just happened to be 4:20 pm at that time and people were getting prepared for their daily cheebah session. Being a bit naive at the time, I had no idea why that specific time had an relevance to a need to smoke Marijuana. That is until an article came out in High Times that got down to the seeds of the story (yes pun intended).

According to High Times, the 420 term originated at a California High School (please hold your surprise gasps to a minimun, I am telling a story). The story goes that a group of kids would meet near the Louis Pasteur statue on campus at 4:20pm to smoke the herb. Since then, the moniker has grown into a national holiday celebrated on the date 4/20 or April 20th of each year.

Now, back to the original story. As the term got increasingly more popular, people began getting more creative on how they celebrated this “Green” Holiday (not to be confused with Earth Day). Some spent the night before concocting special weed butter to use for cooking the next day. They would make brownies, cookies, and other bake-ables (again pun intended)…as well as full on meals. I have even heard of some people making a turkey or tofurkey (for the vegans out there) on this special day, and basting it with the aforementioned weed butter. Please advise that I am in no way advocating this behavior…BUT if you are going to do it, please be careful with the amount you use. As they say, the more the “merrier”. But surely don’t plan on going anywhere.

The other activity goes along with the best April Holiday, EASTER. Some people will spend the night or early morning creating doobies, blunts, joints, rolled up Marijuana cigarettes or some other form of the funny grass; and place them in plastic eggs along with candy. They would hide the eggs all over their yard and have an “Adult Easter Egg Hunt”. Quick note to the organizer of such event, make sure that you are sober when hiding said eggs or else you will not find them.

Oh and for all of you current college students that want a fun and chill activity on this special day, try watching Wizard of Oz while listening to Pink Floyd’s “Dark Side of the Moon”.

Either way, have fun today and be safe.

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