What does a vote mean in 2012?

When you vote in 2012, area voting for a Republican or against President Obama. For me, I just want Obama out. As the race for the Republican front runner heats up to a three way tie for the lead, I realized today that it doesn’t matter for many of us. We just want a new president.

It doesn’t matter to me if he or she is of a different religion, race or rich or poor, what matters is that President Obama and his Democratic cronies leave the White House.

Take a look at what Jon Corzine, former Democratic governor of New Jersey has accomplished. 1066 people without jobs today thanks to cheating and money hungry bad deals. Where is the outrage? If the man had been a Republican, we would have heard it from the liberal left, but you hardly hear a whimper from the left, so I want everyone to know.

If you want to keep the unemployment rate at around 10%, the price of gas high, and have your Christmas tree taxed 15 cents, vote for Obama. If not, join the Republican party and vote in 2012.

Just look at New Jersey and the changes brought about by a Republican governor and read the papers about Jon Corzine. Enough!

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