What Does Adam Lambert Tell Japanese Fans? (Video)

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Adam Lambert must have a huge following in Japan because Sony Music Japan International runs a special Twitter account just for him. Yesterday, they tweeted a new video that Adam recorded for the release of the Japanese ringtone of his new single, Better Than I Know Myself. In addition to the ringtone, Sony Japan is running a contest to win an autograph that Adam signed while taping the video. He also made a video for Japanese fans when the single was released in stores in Japan a few days ago. Both videos are below:

Better Than I Know Myself is a hit in Japan and was the most played song yesterday on the combined radio stations J-WAVE, TOKYO FM, InterFM, FM Osaka, FM802, and FM COCOLO. In fact, Adam Lambert is so popular in Japan, he will even be performing at the Sonic Festival 2012 in August. He is among several top artists to sing at the festival including Green Day, Rihanna, New Order, and Death Cab for Cutie, among others.

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Not only is Adam’s new single popular in Japan, but in other countries as well. For example, we recently learned that it will be the title song for a German movie. Hopefully, Better Than I Know Myself will continue to increase in radio play and sales in the US as well.

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