What Ever Happened to… David Archuleta?

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What ever happened to David Archuleta? He’s just fine, thank you, and wowing his most adoring fans in Manila, Philippines, all this week. The American Idol runner-up has been floating under the radar the last few years, but it looks like he’s ready to take the world by storm, just as he should be.

The finale of the 2008 AI was one of the most watched, and most contested, finishes ever in the show’s history, always remembered as the battle between the “Two Davids.”

But his most die-hard fans will always say he was robbed and was clearly the most talented singer that year.

Flat album sales and little publicity since have proved the point that American fans have a short attention span. That’s why it’s so gratifying foreign fans have held on to their devotion to the 20-year-old phenom.

And there’s plenty of time to make a first “comeback” for one of the nicest guys ever to grace the Idol stage.

So David Archuleta is doing great and currently touring Asia on his Other Side of Down tour. Look for him to get back to the states soon. Maybe his fans at home can show the same kind of love? He sure deserves it.

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