What Happened On Dancing With The Stars Last Night? Who Will Get Voted Off Dancing With The Stars First?

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Oh, the fun! The frivolity! The competition! What happened on Dancing With The Stars tonight and who will get voted off DWTS first?  Let's take a look.

What happened on Dancing With The Stars tonight was nothing unusual for the first show of the season.  The contestants did an all around good job and the judges (Len Goodman (LG), Carrie Ann Inaba (CAI), and Bruno Tunioli(BT) were, per usual, initially harsh in their criticism and low with their scores. Who will get voted off Dancing With The Stars First?

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Dancing With The Stars is full of spray tans, blinding white teeth, sparkly and spangly costumes, plenty of cleavage, and bare-chested men. Gotta love it! Jewel and Nancy O' Dell were replaced by Playboy Playmate Holly Madison and Bachelor reject Melissa Rycroft. Here is what happened in a nutshell:

Rapper Lil' Kim and season seven champ Derek Hough

Costumes: She has a solid body. Loved her costume.

Dance: Cha cha cha

Music: Janet Jackson's Nasty

Judges Scores: CAI  7    LG  7  BT 7

Total Score:  21

Comments: Len thought it was first class. Need to work on posture. Bruno "Nasty, but tasty." Carrie Ann thought Lil' Kim was nervous, but has great potential. I think that she did an adequate job. Can't wait to see her really bust out. I think she and Derek are a good match as partners.


Pop Star Belinda Carlisle and Jonathan Roberts

Costumes: Very appropriate gold long gown for BC, tux for Jonathan

Dance: Waltz

Music: What the World Needs Now

Judges Scores: CAI 6    LG  6  BT 5

Total Score: 17

Comments: I think she's got great lines.  BT: She looks like Julie Andrews and then like Chloris Leachman. Needs to extend slides and work on footwork.  CAI: Wasn't great. Needs to work on trusting Jonathan.  LG: Overall, some grace and elegance. Good job on difficult dance.



Former NFL star Lawrence Taylor and Edyta Sliwinska

Costumes: He looks great in a simple white shirt and black pants. Edyta in a sparkly two piece.

Dance: Cha cha

Music: 25 Miles From Home

Judges Scores: CAI  6   LG  5  BT 5

Total Score: 16

Comments: I always find it strange when the big football players come out and execute their fun and smooth moves. They always smile and look like they're having a great time.  CAI: Need to get down and dirty.  LG: Has a naturalness about him. Needs to be crisp and sharp. Fun to watch.  BT: Couldn't even find the dance. He needs to let go and perform.


Reality star Steve-O and Lacey Schwimmer

Costumes: Steve-O in double breasted pin stripe suit. Lacey in a tame black number.

Dance: Waltz

Music: ??

Judges Scores: CAI 6    LG 5   BT 6

Total Score: 17

Comments: Great pairing. Lacey is perfect for him. "Rebel of the ballroom." Lacey thinks it might be the biggest season transformation. Kudos to Steve-O for his success in rehab.  Loved it!  He did a great job.  LG: You came out fully committed. Technically, not quite the ticket. I expected much, much, worse.  BT: This was a big pile of slapstick. The technique wasn't that good, but fun.  CAI: I have mixed emotions. Mesmerized by the awkardness. Love the determination. An inspiration. Steve-O: "I want to put my foot in the waltz's butt."


Actor Gilles Marini and two-time DWTS champ Cheryl Burke

Costumes: Red and Black

Dance: Don't know. Was paying too much attention Gilles and all his hotness! Oh, must be the Cha cha cha

Music: Robert Palmer's Addicted to Love

Judges Scores: CAI 8    LG  8  BT 8

Total Score: 24

Comments: Me: He's "that guy" from the Sex and the City movie. And the one with the least fan base.  He's hot!!! Not a bad mover and shaker.  Tom Bergeron: What a great debut!  CAI: Woo Hoo!!!! You have great potential. BT: You certainly know how to strut your stuff.  LG: Pitched the routine just right.  Me:  24!!!  He's a dark horse in the running. I'm looking forward to seeing him. Now, more eye candy than just Maks.


Country singer Chuck Wicks and girlfriend and two-time DWTS champ Julianne Hough

Costumes: Beautiful and classy. Julianne in pink. Chuck in tails.

Dance: Waltz

Music: Are You Lonesome Tonight?

Judges Scores: CAI  6   LG  7  BT 7

Total Score: 20

Comments:  JH: "You are the hardest partner I've ever had." Me: He's looking a little stiff and nervous.  BT: It felt like you were chasing it. I felt like you were going to strangle her. You need to be easy.  LG: It was hectic here and there. Footwork was good. Need to work on posture.  CAI: I think you might be one of the most graceful men here ever. Your foot did come off the ground. You have potential.


Playboy Playmate Holly Madison and first-time Dancing pro Dmitry Chaplin

Costumes: Holly in a tasteful orange glitter one piece and Dmitry in see through shirt. Meow!

Dance: Cha cha cha

Music:  Lady Ga Ga Just Dance

Judges Scores: CAI  6   LG 6   BT  6

Total Score: 18

Comments: For only having five days rehearsal, she did just fine. I'm impressed. LG: It wasn't bad. You'll be better with more practice. CAI: Seeing you next week will be better. You are like a newborn deer.  BT: Some of the sections were good. There is hope. Keep working hard.   Me: I think that she might improve and surprise us all.


Rodeo star Ty Murray (Jewel's husband) and first-time Dancing pro Chelsie Hightower

Costumes: Black and yellow

Dance: Cha cha cha


Judges Scores: CAI  5   LG  4  BT 5

Total Score:  14

Comments: Me: Oh my, he seems so stiff in practice. Chelsie has a lot to work with.  He's doing great during the show, considering!  Love him!  BT: It looks more like an army drill. There is always next week.  LG: Part of the charm of this show is seeing people come out do something out of their element. Good job.   CAI: I think you're one cute cowboy. We're going to work on it. You were having fun and that's contagious to watch.  Me: He's got a great self deprecating sense of humor.


Olympic gymnast Shawn Johnson and season six champ Mark Ballas

Costumes: Nice and simple. Shawn in flowing yellow age-appropriate dress. Mark in white shirt with black vest and tie.

Dance: Waltz

Music:  ??  Sounds like a movie soundtrack piece.

Judges Scores: CAI  8   LG   8   BT  7

Total Score: 23

Comments:  Me: Wow! She did a great job. But the Olympic Gold medalists seem to adapt very well to this environment.  CAI: I was truly moved. You have elegance and grace. Excellent job.  BT: Surprisingly refined.  LG: I found the whole thing appealing. Overall, fantastic.


Apple Computer co-founder Steve Wozniak and Karina Smirnoff

Costumes: All black. (This is moving too fast for me to do this any justice).

Dance: Cha cha cha

Music:  Ain't Seen Nothing Yet

Judges Scores: CAI   5  LG 4   BT 4

Total Score: 13

Comments: Me: He is determined that nerds can dance.  So awkward, though. He's doing a great job for someone who has no dance training.  LG: It held my attention. Overall, it was a disaster.  BT: OY!  Delirious and hilarious. CAI:  I think this is what this competition is all about. I find it heartwarming. I wanted to cheer for you.


Actor David Alan Grier and Kym Johnson

Costumes: DAG in classy suits and Kym in foam green flowy thing

Dance: Waltz

Music: Debbie Boone You Light Up My Life

Judges Scores: CAI  6  LG 7   BT 6

Total Score: 19

Comments: Me: He's doing much better than I thought he would.  BT: Bad lines. 4-5 characters throughout. One character will suffice.  CAI: You have to be careful with the face. It distracts us from your body. Your lines were good.  One foot off the ground. LG: There were good lines. Bum sticks out. But overall very commendable.


Actress Denise Richards and Maksim Chmerkovskiy

Costumes: Maks in all black and Denise in hot pink

Dance: Cha cha cha

Music: Poison's Don't need Nothing But A Good Time

Judges Scores: CAI 6    LG 6   BT 6

Total Score: 18

Comments: CAI: You looked terrified out there. There is something there. I'm proud of you.  LG: You gave a real shot at the dance. BT: You don't what to do with it all. Don't drop it in the middle or else it all collapses. I know that there is something there.



The Bachelor's Melissa Rycroft and Tony Dovolani

Costumes: Melissa looking in stunning in baby blue two piece and Tony in black vest and blue shirt

Dance: Waltz

Music: Moon River

Judges Scores: CAI   8  LG 7   BT 8

Total Score: 23

Comments: For only 48 hours, she did an amazing job. LG: I think the Bachelor's loss is DWTS's gain! You must have done ballet before. BT: I don't know your Bachelor guy, but he is a loser. It was like watching a beautiful bird.  CAI: You are a natural dancer. You need to get serious about the dance.


How do you feel about those contestants with huge fan bases even if they perform worse than those who have smaller fan bases and who are more talented?

Do you have any favorites?  Who do you think will get voted off first and who do you think will make it to the end of season 8 of Dancing With The Stars?   DID YOU VOTE?

Dancing With The Stars season 8 every Monday at  8/7c on abc. Results shows on Tuesdays starting on March 17th. Mark your calendars. It's going to be a good season! 


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