What Happened to Colter Dallman?

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Missing Fargo man Colter Dallman vanished two weeks ago and the search is on for him as his loved ones seek answers. There aren’t very many details in this mysterious case, and it appears that the media is only just now catching wind of it. With two weeks past and attention only now being piqued, is time running out for finding a positive outcome in this case?

The mother of the missing 27-year-old man reported him missing after she couldn’t get in touch with him. She said that she tried to call him multiple times but his cellphone went straight to his voice mail. Friends of his reportedly haven’t seen him since the 4th of January, and his last phone call (according to records) was on the 3rd.

He also left behind his belongings, including money and credit cards on his dresser. His mother says it looks as though he stepped out for perhaps a bite to eat or something and never returned. She also says that the young man suffers from depression and that suicide could be a possibility — though no suicide note was left behind by the missing man.

The disappearance of Colter Dallman is perplexing due to the lack of details — and the details that are available certainly don’t leave behind inspiring thoughts. With a past of suicidal thoughts and no contact with loved ones or friends since the 4th of this month, anything is possible. It’s just hopeful that there is an innocent explanation for this disappearance.

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