What Happened to Kathleen Haley?

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Thirty-seven-year-old Kathleen Haley was last seen around September 1st. She was supposed to visit with her sister that day but didn’t. It is now the 10th and the woman still hasn’t been found. Police believe the youthful looking 37-year-old woman is in danger.

Family asks for help finding loved oneWhat happened to her then? Her car was found in front of her apartment, and there are some things missing from the home. This has led officials to believe something bad may have happened to her. When her family tries to contact her, her cellphone only goes to her voicemail — as though it is turned off. Kathleen Haley may have been the victim of a crime and is still missing.

To build a victim profile, there are numerous questions that could be asked. For instance, what items were missing from her home? If this was a crime of home invasion and robbery then obvious items like televisions, electronics, jewelry and any potential weapons could be missing. If this was a voluntary disappearance, her clothing could be gone as if she packed to go on a trip. If this was an abduction there could be several telltale signs, but what would be missing? Maybe one or two articles of clothing for the woman and any known weapons with the bulky electronics left behind. These are just speculations, as reports have not released what’s missing in this woman’s home.

It would be interesting to find these details out so as to figure out why officials believe Kathleen is in danger. Did she have any scorned lovers who were hot-tempered? Was she in a chaotic relationship or in a feud with a rival of sorts? Hopefully detectives find answers for all of these questions to lend in their investigation.

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