What Happened to the Undertaker? Is the Undertaker DEAD? VIDEO – Wrestling’s Biggest Mystery

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the_undertaker“Is the Undertaker DEAD?” is one of the hottest searches on the internet right now as concerned wrestling fans around the world seek an answer AND THE ANSWER IS HERE.

Apparently, WWE Smackdown incorporated a rather disturbing storyline into their usual over the top plots. This time around, during the 6/4/10 episode, Theodore Long the General Manager came out to say that during this previous weekend, the Undertaker was discovered in a “vegetative state” after being attacked by an unidentified assailent.

This shocking news about the Undertaker was followed up by a procession of clocked men who brought with them a coffin bearing not the dead body of the Undertaker but his brother Kane, who’s alive and upset. Kane talks about avenging the Undertaker for awhile then Long takes over to announce a Battle Royal in which every Smackdown member will take part, minus those in the Fatal 4-Way.

All that info is nice but has the Undertaker died? No, I don’t think so. No authentic news sources are claiming he’s dead and I’m sure if the Undertaker did die, WWE wouldn’t announce it in such a tacky and dramatic manner.

The Undertaker is DEAD – WWE Smackdown – 6/4/10:


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