What happened to the Undertaker – Mark Calaway injury news (VIDEO)

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After seeing Friday’s episode of WWE Smackdown, there’s plenty of fans concerned over the show’s marquee star, The Undertaker. That’s because it was announced on the show that Undertaker had been found in a “vegetative state” this past Memorial Day weekend. The announcement came at the top of the show from Smackdown GM Theodore Long, but was all part of the show. Still, Mark Calaway, who is the Deadman, is going to take some time off for injuries. So if you’re wondering what happened to the Undertaker, he is not truly dead, but hurt from his match last week on Smackdown.

Who attacked the Undertaker? Suspects


In last week’s match, The Undertaker was scheduled to go against Rey Mysterio, with the winner qualifying for a spot at the WWE’s Fatal 4-Way Pay-Per-View in the four-man World Championship match. Undertaker and Rey fought a grueling match, with both men having a shot at the win. However, in the end, Undertaker won the match, but not without injury. During that match, he suffered some injuries including a broken orbital bone and nose, as well as a concussion from one of Mysterio’s moves. This all resulted in tonight’s explanation that Undertaker was away from the action.

Basically, they needed a way to explain Undertaker returning last week and suddenly not being a part of the show or the Pay-Per-View. They did it in a major way, with his brother Kane going on a rampage to find out who was responsible for “attacking” his brother this past weekend. Kane even had what seemed like a funeral for his brother in the ring, with an empty coffin at ringside and hooded druid figures around for effect. Kane has vowed to find out who caused harm to his brother, but he also said we will never see Undertaker walk amongst them again. Check out the YouTube video below to see how it unfolds…

I highly doubt Undertaker is gone for good due to the past storylines in which we’ve seen him “rise from the dead” to compete again. Also, if anyone deserves a glorious send-off into the WWE Hall of Fame and retirement, it is The Phenom, The Deadman, the Undertaker.

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