What Happened to the Undertaker on WWE Smackdown? Is He Really Dead?

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The WWE Smackdown for June 4, 2010 revolved for the most part around the death of The Undertaker. Teddy Long, the WWE manager, made the announcement that The Undertaker had been found in a “vegetative state” by his brother Kane over the Memorial Day weekend. Teddy Long mentioned that it is unsure who attacked the poor Undertaker over the weekend, but that an investigation was pending in order to find the perpetrator.

After the explanation of the death of The Undertaker, the WWE Smackdown auditorium dropped into an eerie darkness and then “druid theme music” enveloped the place. Then in a creepy sort of way, 8 hooded and in fully-cloaked druids appeared out of nowhere and they carried an ominous coffin in which The Undertaker was allegedly at.

And then a funeral service was presided through with the Big Red Monster and Kane presiding. After peaking into the coffin, Kane was upset and took a bit to collect himself from his emotion. Then Kane explained to the audience that The Undertaker would no longer be with us. And then Kane delivered a eulogy explaining the glorification of The Undertaker. His death was supposedly really affecting his brother, even though the two have had long-standing feud going on between them. But I guess blood is thicker then water, right?

During the eulogy, Kane made it sound as if The Undertaker was truly dead, but as you know already the WWE Smackdown is full of theatrics and they love to pull the death of someone to draw attention to the show.

The Undertaker’s death funeral really revolved around an injury that occurred to The Undertaker just the week after coming back to the WWE Smackdown. The Undertaker had been injured when he fought Rey Mysterio a week ago today. He endured a broken nose, a broken orbital bone and also a concussion. So yes, The Undertaker is very injured and unable to participate in WWE Smackdown. But the Undertaker is not dead. And I am sure The Undertaker will rise from the dead in as ceremoniously way that he died.


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