What If ‘Seinfeld’ Were on TV Now? Hilarious ‘Modern Seinfeld’ Twitter Account Has the Answer

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When watching TV today, do you ever get nostalgic for Seinfeld? While there’s pretty much no chance there will ever be any new episodes of the show, someone has come up with maybe the next best thing. A very clever person has started a Twitter account called Modern Seinfeld, which imagines new story lines of the iconic ’90s sitcom for the digital age. In the form of tweets, of course. And for anyone who knows and loves the show, they’re pretty hysterical.

When Seinfeld ended back in 1998, things like Facebook, Google, Twitter, smart phones, texting and all the other technologies we take for granted today were either nonexistent or still barely a blip on the cultural radar. Even email wasn’t quite ubiquitous yet. Modern Seinfeld puts a Web 2.0 spin on the lives of Jerry, George, Elaine and Kramer, and some of the results so perfectly match the characters and the show’s sensibility that you can totally see them as real episodes.

Too bad they’ll never be made. Ah, well, at least it’s fun to imagine what could have been. Think how much trouble someone like George or Kramer could get into with Facebook or online dating! But the plots aren’t limited to Internet stuff–the feed also riffs on many of the other cultural touchstones that have become part of the world in the past decade. The possibilities are endless, really. And in 140 characters or less, the folks behind this account are coming up with some nuggets of pure comic gold. (“Gold, Jerry. Gold!”)

Some great examples:

“Kramer becomes addicted to 5 Hour Energy.”

“Elaine has a bad waiter at a nice restaurant, her negative Yelp review goes viral, she gets banned.”

“George’s Netflix thinks he’s gay.”

The feed is already a hit, with some 125,000 followers and counting. And it’s only been around since Dec. 9. Keep ‘em coming, please!

Jerry Seinfeld by David Shankbone

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