What Is A BiliBlanket?

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My newest Grandson Grayson has jaundice and I guess it is pretty bad. He had a bilirubin test result of 19.  I was concerned but did not have the time to look up the information until now. I found the best information at The University of Michigan C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital site.  

 The Dr prescribed a BiliBlanket. This blanket prevents many babies from being hospitalized. It is a great invention.  I found the following information very interesting and it just proves that medical research has come so very far in the last few years.

Victoria said that the man who delivered the biliblanket said to her that he wished this blanket had been available when his child was a baby because his son spent a week in the hospital and this blanket could have prevented that hospital stay.  I am thankful that this blanket has the potential to keep my Grandson home with his sister and brother where he will feel more loved than in the hospital.


According to the site:


“What is the BiliBlanket?

Your doctor may prescribe the biliblanket as an alternative and/or additional treatment for you child’s jaundice. This system uses fiber optics and represents advanced technology in phototherapy treatment given in the hospital or at home.

The biliblanket provides the highest level of therapeutic light available to treat your baby. This form of light is also found in sunlight. The strength of light form the biliblanket is about the same, as you would get in the shade on a sunny day, yet is safer because the biliblanket filters out potentially harmful ultraviolet and infrared energy.

A pad of woven fibers is used to transport light from a light source to your baby. This covered fiberoptic pad is placed directly against your baby to bathe the skin in light. Absorption of this light leads to the elimination of bilirubin.

The biliblanket can be used 24 hours a day to provide continuous treatment if prescribed by your doctor. Blood may be drawn and tested during treatment to check bilirubin levels and determine when normal levels are reached and phototherapy is no longer needed.

With this convenient form of phototherapy your child can be diapered, clothed, held, and nursed during treatment.”

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