What is a Magnolia Cone?

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I have a very large Southern Magnolia tree in my yard.  The Southern Magnolia is an evergreen tree with large shiny dark green leaves and the most beautiful, dinner plate sized white blossoms in the world.  The tree can grow to a height of forty to fifty feet tall.  My tree is now about thirty feet high and still growing. 

Southern Magnolia trees begin blooming about mid April and bloom through the month of May.  The trees are loaded with large flagrant white blossoms and the wonderful intoxicating smell attracts many bees.  By mid June the blossoms are usually gone but the seed pod or cone that forms in the center of the blossom continues to develop until mid fall at which time they start to drop from the tree.  These seed pods are more commonly called cones and the seeds that they produce are a dark beautiful red.  Birds love the seeds. 

The cones are a pain in the neck to clean up as there can be hundreds of them under one tree.  I usually rake them up as they fall and dispose of them in trash bags for the trash man to haul off.  However, last fall I just let them accumulate and now that the new blossoms have appeared and the new seed cones are forming I decided that it was time to clean up.  I had four trash bags full of magnolia cones for the trash man this week and my Southern Magnolia tree and it’s surrounding area is beautiful and tidy once again.

I mentioned raking up the magnolia cones in another article the other day and I have had several people ask me what a magnolia cone is.  The seed pod pictured below is a picture of a magnolia cone.  The cones are usually about two or three inches long by the time they start to drop from the tree.

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The pictures are all copied form Google Images because my camera will not do justice to these beautiful trees and blossoms. The picture of the tree is also a copy from Google Images and it is about the same size as my tree. 


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