What Is Being?

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[Rich Note: Although this came in response to a comment on another venue related to the “Self-Realization” haiku offered last week, rather than bury it in the comments of that offering, I thought it seminal enough to all that has been shared for the last two years to be a stand alone piece.]

Hi Roger (from a non-Gather venue)- Nice to hear from you again.

[Rich Note: What follows are only “conceptual pointers” to that which is beyond conception, so let’s not mistake them as “Truth per se,” but rather as intellectual reflections of THAT which is prior to and after any and all such conceptions (between the words, so to speak, like the space between the letters on a piece of paper or the “Clear Sky of Pure Awareness between ‘mental clouds’ which can only temporarily block our Vision of the Sun” if we fixate on them).  Anyway, as my Non-Dual Buddy Charlie Hayes likes to say:  Knowing or Understanding THIS from a conceptual perspective is the “Boobie Prize”; while Being THAT, without any “particular personhood” there to claim It, is the Ultimate or Real Prize.  However, since it does seem to be my lot to go on trying to write the un-writable, here goes.]

RE: So what is the “being” that is present to be aware of?

Being is the Aware-Presence I Am.  It has a Still, Silent, Empty, Open and Aware component and a Vibratory or Energetic Sense of Presence component.  Being might also be further characterized as Pure, Non-Dual, Conscious Awareness, Aware of Itself as That prior to any relative conception.  As Such, Being might be seen as a “Primal Amalgam” (or Divine Wedding) of “Still Knowing/Direct Seeing” and “Vibratory Sensation/Self-Reflective Feeling.”

Several alternate ways of pointing to this “Most Primal of Relationships” (for purposes of conceptual triangulation) — this Divine Marriage or Wedding that Tony Parsons so aptly characterizes as “Nothing Being Everything” — follow:

(1)  Being may be conceived as “Still, Pure, Infinite, Eternal Absolute Awareness” (Unaware of Itself as THAT) wed to “Universal Vibratory Awareness” that enables Divine Self-Mirroring and so Self-Reflective Awareness of One’s Existence at a Cosmic Level.

(2) A more poetic, abet anthropomorphic, characterization of Being would be the Father, as “Still Cognizing Emptiness,”  “Knowing (Biblically Speaking) the Divine Mother, as “Vibratory Cognizing Emptiness,” and in so doing giving birth to the “Pure Consciousness of Being I Am, You Are and All Is (as Its Divine Children or Off-Spring) as the Alpha Omega of All.”

(3) Ultimately, Pure Awareness, prior to said Primal Vibratory Movement (and associated Cosmic Sense of Vibratory Presence), is an Absolute Potential to Be Any and All Things in All Possible Vibratory Dimensions of Conceptual Space-Time. That would Be your Ultimate Self (though, as It is implicitly Unaware of Itself as Such, “Absolute No Self, No One, No Thing” would a be better conceptual Characterizations).  Said Potential becomes Actual (All at Once in No Time, from Alpha to Omega, in One Big Bang), however, in Its Eternally recurring “Face to Face” encounter with Its Own Formless, Primal Vibration (re: OM).

(4) All of which is clearly reflected in the Vedic Principle (as a viable interpretation):  SAT (Pure Being) – CHIT (Mind/Knowing/Male)- ANANDA (Bliss/Vibratory Sensation/Feeling/Female) as a Primal Trinity that points to the  Self-Reflective Nature of Existence;  with Still Awareness (or Pure Seeing/Knowing) as the Ultimate Subject and Vibratory Awareness (or Sensory Awareness) as the Ultimate Object (which has alternately been called Mother Mirror, the Womb of the Universal, or Holy Spirit), the Wedding of which evokes “Self-Awareness”  (or Pure Consciousness of Being). This, I would suggest, is also reflected in the Christian Trinity in a more anthropomorphic way.

Or, more poetically:

This Holy Instant
Awareness Knows Sensation
Consciousness is Born.

RE: “Conscious Aliveness.” Is this human consciousness, that is, consciousness from One’s brain?

In light of what has been offered (and strictly for purposes of intellectual computation), Conscious Aliveness would equate to One’s Pure Sense of Being, I Amness, the Knowledge I Am, Aware-Presence, Consciousness, Witnessing-Presence, Divine Mind, Christ, the Lord or the Consciousness of God or All. So from this it would follow that “human consciousness” is a relative, self-referencing, reflective, ego-centric state of Consciousness or Being (although a non-dualist might call it an “assumed, un-challenged, apparent state of relative, self-existent mind and or consciousness that we, as human beings, are mistakenly self-identified with).

I try to keep the brain out of this, Roger, for as sophisticated a bio-mechanical mechanism as it is, it is simply a mental computer that, through an electro-chemical process, resonates, replicates, records and remembers the vibratory patterns of apparent external energy that the 5 senses and the body in general report to it in conceptual space-time.  In this regard, I would suggest that the brain does not “create consciousness” as a materialist (one who seems to believes in the absolute nature of relative matter and its apparent relativity as the Ultimate Reality) might think or suppose. Rather, the brain is a computer through which Consciousness is able to become Locally Self-Aware – a kind of Spiritual or Cosmic Transceiver, as it were, that is able to convert energy into a seemingly personal and collective conceptual reality defined as “self and other” or “myself in a world of not-self.”

RE: I like the “Ultimate” word in Ultimate Self-Realization. So, what is the “I am” in an ultimate way?

Ultimately, from an Absolute Standpoint or Perspective, what “I Am, You Are and All Is” is “Pure Awareness, as an Absolute Potential to Be Any and All Things in All Possible Dimensions of Space-Time. As Such, Your Essential or Ultimate Nature is Pre-Vibratory Absolute Awareness — Still, Silent, Infinite and Eternal; an Absolute Field of Pure Potential to Be which is, however, implicitly Unaware of Itself as Being That.

Alternately, when seen from a Universal, though Relative, Stand Point or Perspective, what “You Are, I Am and All Is” is Pure Consciousness or Being Itself — Non-Dual, Pure Aware-Presence Prior to Any and All Relative Conception; the Highest State of Consciousness Possible (Relatively Changeless in terms of Particular Forms; but never-the-less Actualized as Constantly Moving Pure Vibratory Awareness or Energy).  

[Rich Note: The conceptual difference in these Two Primal Perspectives (which are not really two, but merely two different ways of apprehending the Ultimate One) is what the “I Am That by which I know I Am” (which is a fundamental Sri Nisargadatta dictum or principle) points to, as the first I Am is God the Father or Absolute Witness or Knower and the second refers to Consciousness or Being as a Vibratory Mirror or Object which manifests Potential forms of Divine Energy into the Actuality That is Known. 

The following haiku makes the same conceptual distinction a bit more poetically:

I Am the Father’s
Divine Idea of Being
Consciously Aware.

RE: What is the difference between a “Budda” Mind, a “Roger” mind, and a “RFHay33″ mind?

Same Universal or Cosmic, Non-Dual, Unitary Consciousness and/or Mind (One that might better be called “No Mind” as It Minds Every Thing in General and No Thing in Particular; so it doesn’t mind this to the exclusion of that), only different degrees of Divine Self-Ignorance and/or Forgetting (or, from a Bottom Up versus a Top Down Perspective, different levels of Expanded Self-Awareness).

In other words, there is only One Mind or Consciousness that we All, as Abstract Points or Centers of Awareness, hold in Common as Joint-Heirs in Christ (as the Consciousness of God).  In this regard, it might be said that we, as relatively conceived, apparent separate entities, hold temporary leases on “personal apartments or sub-divisions” in the Divine (or God) Consciousness of All.  Or, more metaphorically speaking, as Jesus (speaking from the I AM Perspective of Pure Consciousness of Being) declared: “In my Father’s (as Absolute Awareness) House there are many mansions (possible states of relative, self-referencing mind): if it were not so I would have told you. I go to prepare a place for you. And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come again (as the Divine Comforter/Holy Spirit or Consciousness I Am) , and receive you into myself; that where I Am, there ye may be also.” (Jo 14-2, 3).

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