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What is happening to our language? Today when we have access to instant communication practically world-wide, everywhere I go, I hear “I’m like.”

For instance, someone might say: “I’m like driving to work and I’m like thinking about like what I had to do and I’m like …”

I turned on the TV the other day and I heard Anderson Cooper talking the same way. When Jillian Michaels, appearing on The Doctors, started with the “I’m like,” it gave me such a headache I shut off the TV. 

I hear it everywhere. A young mother of two visited recently. Within a 10-minute period, I counted 43 “I’m likes”. Much as I wanted to hear her news, I had to leave before my head exploded. I thought of her bright, beautiful children with new brains like sponges sopping up the “I’m likes?”

What are people trying to say? I’m like

I keep wanting to edit: I’m like a brain-dead mollusk…I’m like a butterfly landing on the cane of a little old lady with blue hair…I’m like a parrot who has learned only two words. I’m like.

And then even more offensive is: “I’m like….duh!”  

Perhaps this “I’m like” trend is the result of too much casual communication…or too much exposure to movie detritus that wafts through the Ethernet.

I like stories.  I like words. But words are supposed to mean something, aren’t they?

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