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Come on in! I was have been waiting for you. The front porch is so inviting with the newly cleaned floors and the new cushion on the swing. Would you like to sit for a bit and chat? Today I walked a bit in the yard.  It is a beautiful day today. The sun is warming the soil in preparation of plant growth. The warm breeze feels so good on  my face. The earth is beginning to have colors such as bright yellows, light lavender, dark purple and greens in all shades. I wonder if we take these things for granted sometimes.

 One of the wonderful members in the  the Gather community- Sandy A. –  took a trip to Ghana a few years ago.  She had taken several of her photos of the people there and put them to music to make a video for Gather. It will break your heart to see the eyes of those children but I do hope you will take the time to view it.






 Pam Johnson has just published Part three of her three part article on the construction or upgrade of the gather community.  A couple things to keep in mind with this upgrade is:

1.  Subscriptions are going away with the next upgrade. If you’d like to keep in touch with people to whom you’re currently subscribed, ask to add them as a friend.

2. Once the upgrade is here, be on the lookout for articles from  Jenn Hann. Jenn has been with Gather for two years and was recently promoted to the role of VP, Product Marketing. Jenn will be sharing a detailed look at the upgrade and help to answer any questions you may have in the days to come.

3.  Another great place to get your Gather-related questions answered is help.gather.com. Our amazing Member Support Team (led by MaryAnne Flynn) spends a good part of each day answering member questions in this group as quickly and efficiently as possible!

Here are the important links to Pams Articles concerning the upgrade:


Article 1 of 3

Article 2 of 3

Article 3 of 3






This month in Fiction Readers, a new group of authors will spotlighted.  I hope you remembered to read and review one of them.  If you did receive one, I will be looking for your reviews.

What?? You are not a member of the Fiction Reader Book-club? Well you must hurry over there and register right now before you forget. It is a great group. We chat about all kinds of fiction and you have chances to receive the books for free to read and review. Now how cool is that?

Jess Michaels, author of Something Reckless
Immortality. Erotic Letters. Pleasure Palaces.

Kerry Reichs, author of The Best Day of Someone Else’s Life
11 Weddings in 18 Months. And None of Them Hers.

Allison Winn Scotch, author of The Department of Lost & Found
When Life Takes a Wrong Turn, You Can Find Your Way Back.










Have you heard of “The Green?”  Do you get the Sundance Channel? Gather is looking for members to watch and review Sundance Channel’s The Green. For a chance to win one of seven DVD’s, finish this sentence with your original answer in the comment area of the article “Reviewers Need for “Big iIdeas for a Small Planet: Get Free Epidodes” It’s easy being green because………”  There are alrady several comments added so hurry and get yours posted for your chance to win.  Your comment must be posted by Sunday April 13th.






Transcript of Chat

Julia Schrenkler – Interactive Producer, MPR APM has just published the transcript of the chat with Author Laura Flynn who appeared on MPR’s Midmorning  “Mental Illness, seen through the eyes of a child” Laura’s mother suffered from schizhohrenia at a time when the disease was not well known.  You can read the transcript here. Laura is the author of Swallow the Ocean.








The theme for today’s group spotlight is on cooking. I hope you enjoy my choices to spotlight.

 1.  Shannon “Love-a-(Pit)Bull” is annoyed by ignorance owns the groupShannon’s Cookbook. This recipe group is for people that love to cook, whether it be completely from scratch, or semi-homemade. It is ALSO for people looking to find great cooking ideas. You will find recipes for just about anything at Shannon’s Cookbook.

 2.  Children have a natural desire to learn. When they are young, they love to help cook. It is a great time to teach them the skills needed to enjoy and serving food. Children in the Kitchen is owned by Joan O.  If you enjoy cooking with children, your own, or someone else’s, this is the group for you. Feel free to share kid friendly recipes, stories of cooking with the young, children’s cookbook recommendations, and anything else pertaining to cooking with children.

3.  We have one daughter who is vegetarian and it can be difficult to cook when she is home. I guess what makes it so difficult is that I am not used to cooking that way.  Health Editor owns the group Vegetarian & Vegan Living.  This a group for vegetarians, vegans and those interested in perusing or pursuing a vegetarian lifestyle and will be a place for individuals to share recipes, ideas, advice and tips on vegetarian and vegan living and lifestyles.

4.  Are you trying to feed your family as cheaply as possible? Tired of having the same meal every night, yet wanting to stay on budget? The Seven Dollar Meal Club is the  group for you! It is owned by Shelley – (Vote the Shel and Barney ticket) L.






I always have time to listen to  you!  I say this from the bottom of my heart.  This article is a place  where your opinions are always welcome.  I do read all comments and usually try to acknowledge those comments as well.  Keyword being “try”. There is always a place reserved just for you in the Gather Community.

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