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Thursday was a really long  & tiring  day for me.  I had to be at the hospital all day getting CT scans, seeing Doctors and such. So I hope you will forgive me if I don’t share too much with you today.  I am glad you stopped by though. I do have some new events to share with you.  Thankfully, it is Friday and I can rest a few days.  I will see you again on Monday. I hope each of you enjoy the events happening around the Gather Community.  Have a wonderful weekend!

Remember, The Gather Community is all about YOU. It is a place where you can be yourself, write about your passions and read about others. You can find a group for any interest you have, from writing to crafting, cooking and everything in between.  So bring your friends,  share your talents and  learn some new ones in the Gather Community. I am testing the possibility of spotlighting one or two groups each day. So be sure to check them out. Do you like or dislike this new feature in the Today On Gather articles? There is always a place reserved just for you.



 Everyone in the Gather Community knows who Tom Gerace is. He is the CEO of Gather.  He will be answering your questions on the point system on Wednesday April 2 @ 1 PM Eastern Time. Pam Johnson has published an article with some questions that the Gather Team would like to have your opinion on. You can post your answers to the questions that she has listed or you can ask questions of your own in the comment space of her article.  This article has already received many comments so make sure you share your opinion as well. Don’t forget to mark your day- planner or calendar for the live chat with Tom.


 Have you heard of the group Moms2B?  It is a great group for anyone who is Pregnant or  Trying to conceive.   The Moms2B group is a place for you to discuss your first experiences and share them with others who are entering the journey into motherhood. Also get expert advice.

It is not too late to host a Baby Shower on Gather. You could win a Gift Basket.  Check out this article for all the details. You can host the baby shower anytime in March or April to be entered into the contest.

The Moms2B group has an article featured on its homepage that I thought you may be interested in.  The article “Can preterm labor be prevented?” is written by Jeffrey Ecker, M.D., Harvard Medical School.  It is filled with wonderful information.


I love the Fiction Readers Group, it is like a book-club for Gather members!  Are you a member of this exclusive book club? If you are, you have an opportunity to receive a copy of Dorothea Benton Frank’s novel “Bulls Island.”  Gather is currently  looking for 9 gather members to receive a copy of this book to read and review.  More details can be found here.

Dorothea Benton Frank has also posted an excerpt from chapter one of the book. You can read it here.

It keeps getting better, there will be a live chat with Dorothea on Monday April 7th @ 6 PM Eastern Time in the Fiction Readers Group.



 I do hope you did not miss either of the live chats on the Collins Nonfiction Group “Bright Ideas from Bestselling Authors.”  Unfortunately, I missed both of these live chats but did check out the transcripts.

If you missed the Live chat with Ed Ugel author of “Money for Nothing” on Thursday, you can read the transcript here. I just finished reading it and it was a great chat.


Another great chat  was with Cait  Murphy author of “Crazy ’08”. I just finished reading it as well and it was great. If you missed it, you can read the transcript here. 






I am going to try and spotlight a gather group or two each day. It is in the trial phase and may not continue if it is not a success. Today’s spotlight is on these Two Groups:

All Photo Essays Here is a group  for any and all photo essays. Nothing else. Just photo essays.  I love photo essays. They are always so clever. I love to view the photos and read the article that goes with them. You really must check out this group if you enjoy good photo essays. It is owned by Victoria H.

History Can Be Fun is a group where we can discuss anything historical in nature. Make it fun, make it interesting, let’s all learn something new. History is such a great topic. Each of us know something about history. It may be the history of our community, state or just our family but we do know history. It is fun to share what we know with others. It is also fun to learn from others. I love History.  This group is owned by Karen M.



Is there something that you would like to see changed on the “Today On Gather” articles?

Do you know of some exciting activity that is going on in the Gather Community?  Please just let me know by making a comment in the comment section.  I will be back to chat with you again Monday.

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You will find many more updates in  past articles.

See you on Monday!

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