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It has cooled down here again. I am so ready for those 80 degree temperatures to arrive! It is supposed to be 30 degrees tonight. Come on it, it is too cold to sit on the porch today. I will hang your jacket up and grab you some hot chocolate and chocolate ribbon cream cake.  I was out of town on Friday so I am just now seeing all the upgrades. It seems there are many who do not like them. However, that happens anytime there is sudden change. Many of us do not deal well with change. It seems that everyone is trying to adjust to the new changes, thus not much else is going on.  I have heard many say that they cannot find their friends articles.



 I would like to share one tip that I have found. 

1.   If you will go to a friend’s namespace. For Example: Karen M

2.  You will see only two article spotlighted but if you will look up just a bit to the lower tabs that say clonewriter.gather, articles, images, video, comments, friends, group

3. Now chick on articles (NOT THE TOP TAB article but the lower one)

4. Now you can see all Karen’s articles.

5. Now you can do the same thing with the images and such.

I hope that helps some.

Now I have a challenge for you. I would like for you to share one tip that you have learned when it comes to the new look at Gather.  The real challenge is that the thing you have learned has to be upbeat, no complaining, only positive.  Are you up for the challenge???

Of course this is ALWAYS an article where your complaints are well received as well and you can do that-  but for the challenge, you must be upbeat. 




Now – where do we go for help to understand and use this updated version of gather? Change is never easy and it is harder for some of us than others. We all need help to understand and use the new features on Gather. Where do we go to get this help? Does writing an article complaining really help? Well, sometimes writing an article will get you some much needed information but it can take a while.

There is an official place to get the help you need though. Go to the Gather Help Desk. The Gather Help Desk is run by the Gather Support Team. They want all of your suggestions, concerns, and questions involving site features, errors, problems with other members, Gather policies, Gather Points, and anything else that is Gather-related.






No strings, just free books! You will love the  The Great American Book Giveaway discussion group, where you can enter to win free books every day and then discuss them here.   The Great Book Giveaway has five  new books to choose from:

The Lady Serpents by Douglas Clegg

The Mills of God by Justin R.

On My Own Two Feetby Manisha Thakor and Sharon Kedar

Love & War In California by Oakley Hall

Queen Of Babble by Meg Cabot






Do you remember Merdeith McGuire, the winner of the Gather –  First Chapter Romance Writing contest? Her first book is published! Congratulations Merdeith! Merdeith is writing under the pen name of Merdeith Duran.




Do you like to read and review new books before anyone else does?   Would you like to read The Duke of Shadows? It is written by Merdeith Duran. Gather is looking for members to read and review this novel. You can read more about this book and how to get your copy in this article written by  Christine M. I just loved her style when she was in the first chapter contest.






Have you submitted your article to the Bright Ideas From Bestselling Authors  group about your donation experience yet? I have read some great submissions already. It is not too late to add yours. All you have to do is donate at least 5 items and write about your donation. You could win a $100. Target gift card.  You will find all the instructions here.  This contest comes as a result of the book Shop Your Closet by Melanie Charlton Fascitelli. You will love the book as as well as the contest. Good luck in the contest!

Melanie has also written an article titled Editing Your Wardrobe. You will love it as well.





I have an assortment of groups spotlighted for you today. I hope you will find one that appeals to you.

Marilyn N owns the group About Aromatherapy, Herbs and more. This group is for those who are interested in aromatherapy, herbs and what we can make from using them. Also, natural perfumes, soaps, lotions and more. I enjoy this group and the knowledgeable people who submit articles to it.

Heather T. owns a group that is called Kids Krafts, it is Kid friendly crafts & projects!  In this group, you will find a A corner on Gather for crafts & projects that are kid friendly! Post your crafts & baking projects that kids can do here, from sewing, to cutting & gluing, to making Christmas ornaments & gifts for friends and family.

Karie Anne owns the group call Photomania.  If you enjoy sharing your photos and viewing other peoples photos, this is the group for you. It is nothing but photos.

Appalachian Square Table is owned by Cindy Kelly. This group is a loosely organized group of writers, poets and artists living in Appalachia. The writings, paintings and created art and music that explores our river-mountain roots, the heritage and culture of our homes.  We are poets, painters, basket weavers, musicians, writers, moonshiners, photographers, and other plain folk who recognize the value of nature, the value of our own humanity, and the charm of where we come from. We are not ashamed to be plain-spoken.
We all have a craft, we are proud to do it well.





I always have time to listen to  you!  I say this from the bottom of my heart. .  This article is a place  where all of your opinions are always welcome.  I do read all comments and usually try to acknowledge those comments as well.  Keyword being “try”. There is always a place reserved just for you in the Gather Community.

  Is there something that you would like to see changed on the “Today On Gather” articles?

Do you know of some exciting activity that is going on in the Gather Community?  Please just let me know.

Just let me know by making a comment in the comment section.  I will be back to chat with you again tomorrow.

Today On Gather article is published each weekday to the group Today On Gather and Gather Essentials: News .

You will find many more updates in  past articles.

I have a Question for you: This question is a test of sorts. Do You Enjoy Reading Books?

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