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The Tuesday WE editor is in the hospital. She is very sick.  The doctors have to get her infection under control before they can do surgery on her.  Her daughter is keeping me updated and I will share what I can with you.

There have been a lot of changes within the groups on gather.  Many of the once active groups have become very inactive because members have had problems with submitting posts so much that they gave up.  The ability to submit posts is working once again.  So lets get the party going!

The Writing Essential group is one group that suffered, struggled and is reviving once again.  We have new editors and they are excited to offer new prompts and writing styles.

As with anything, change is always hard. We will miss all the outgoing editors.  I would like to personally thank them for all their hard work and dedication.


 The post today will deal with groups as well as an introduction of all the WE editors.  Enjoy

 PLEASE Remember to add your links to your latest posts in the comment area of this post and I will spotlight them in the next edition.


 Due to the unsettled situation here at Gather, operating the GCC group with its regular rules isn’t very feasible at present. But leaving it to turn into a ghost group doesn’t seem right either. So I’ve . . .
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As we enter the New Year , it might be a bit of fun to look at the A B C’s that make up the library of Anthology Builder. Each of these anthologies  was compiled by a writer whose . . .

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   God Knows by Heather L Campbell July 13, 2013   We go through our lives. Many times we feel like we are all alone. Sometimes we are alone and have no one around but . . .

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 THE FIVE MINUTE WAR The Gloggle was furious. In the winter he was used to pied potatoes steeped in gingol essence and flavoured with mulberry seeds – and there were none to be had anywhere. . . .


Do you know these Gather Members?

They are all Gather Writing Essential editors.

There have been a lot of new editors who have just started with their prompts. Check them out.

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Monday Editor:


Sharon P.


Sharon was born June 28 at Ft. Lewis. Yes, Army brat till end of WW2. 

She had traveled halfway around world and most of states by age of 15.  She has dreamed vividly all her life. A lot of her writing stems from that dreaming.  Most of her challenges will be from a “dreamer” perspective.
Her present life is fairly quiet at home.  She shares her home with two cats, Apricot and Baby. Sharon says she has settled back  in the northwest, where she began.

Latest Prompt:

Good afternoon everyone. Wasn’t sure if I’d get this out today. Whole Comcast bundle was none working for a while. Many of us have pets, how about telling us how you got your fur kid (s), . . .


Tuesday Editor:
Jules is currently in the hospital and not doing very well.
Jules has been a traveler for much of her life, living in 8 states and 11 counties. She is a retired adaio dancer who became a Chef in all natural health foods. She has 3 grown children, 10 grandchildren, and 9 great grand children.
Jules resides in southern Illinois. Reading and writing have been her passion for as long as she can remember, and she has a great memory.
Jules has 2 childrens books awaiting the art-work before she gets them published. She was raised in Ft Lauderdale Florida.  She says she is a beach person and collect shells and rocks!

Wednesday Editor:

Please join me in welcoming the New Wednesday Gather Writing Essential editor 

René Allen

René is an Author, Artist, Entrepreneur, and Community Activist at heart.  She was born in the United States, has lived in five states and has traveled throughout the US, Europe, and the Caribbean.  With a background in Law and Communications, the Genres that René gravitates to are Literary Fiction and Historical Fiction, however, she has written under the banners of both Romance and Spirituality.

Art has a major place in René’s heart, as she has received Awards for Producing cable television shows catering to Internationally known Artists, and has been featured in News Articles for being a Gallery Owner.

There are several award winning poetic collections that have been written by René that are in the Library of Congress, as well as poetry and short stories that have been published in several Anthologies.   René has also been the Editor for several Newsletters, and has been a free-lance Writer for both Business Publications and City Newspapers.

To date, René is currently working on a series of new Novels for publication. 
Latest Post:

Thursday Editor:

Kevin Ewing


Kevin has been married almost 30 years, is a father of four and a special educator. He is also the author of “In The Midst Of Heroes”. He has two more books that will be published in March, “Heroes In Blue Jeans”and”Footsteps on Moon Sand Beach.” The Hero books are collections of stories about heroes in our families, neighborhoods, work environment and farms. This is a book that shares the accounts of people who are faced with difficult decisions and how they look at possible outcomes before making the best possible choice.

Latest Post:

  *This Challenge is dedicated to all of those who have had to battle the Polar Vortex for the last 3-5 days.   When I moved to Georgia 8 1/2 years ago I figured I had . .

Friday Editor:

Andrea Pearson

Andrea Pearson


Andrea Pearson is a music enthusiast who enjoys teaching and playing many instruments, especially the piano and viola. She loves hiking and biking with her husband, oil painting, reading, watching movies, spending time with family and close friends, and thunderstorms. The first three books in her Kilenya Series have been published, along with a couple of shorter romances involving characters from that series. Andrea and her husband live in an awesome neighborhood in a valley that was once covered by vast amounts of water.

Saturday Editor:


Sarah Leanne

Sarah was born September 4th, raised in the gulf coast

south region. She is a hobbyist above all else. With steadfast determination she practices Chess, electric guitar, piano, photography, art, fiction, poetry, essay, and literary criticism.

Her writing career is still in its infancy. However, in the summer of 2013 an upstarting literary magazine based in St. Louis, Missouri, Show Me Doctrine, awarded Sarah her first publication—“A Curious Measure,”— and in the following editions the magazine published two short stories—“Recess” (spring ’13) and “Such a Good Boy” (Fall ’13).

She has a strong passion for both teaching and learning and an all too clear regard for the struggles and strife heir to many aspiring writers.  Sarah considers it a great privilege to have a hand in the literary growth and enthusiasm of the Gather Writing community.

Her Latest Prompt:

  Details, Details, Details                 As part of my experience, providing vivid imagery and concrete details . . .

Sunday Editor:

A. F. Stewart

A. F. Stewart was born and raised in Nova Scotia, Canada, and still calls it home.  The youngest in a family of seven children, she has always had an overly creative mind and an active imagination. She is fond of good books (especially science fiction/fantasy), action movies, sword collecting, and oil painting as a hobby.

Ms. Stewart is an indie author with several published novellas and story collections in the dark fantasy or horror genres, with a few side trips into poetry and non-fiction. She has a great interest in history and mythology, often working those themes into her books and stories.

Latest Prompt:

 Sunday Writing Essential (SunWE, 01/05/14, Heat)   Connie asked me to step into the Sunday Editor position, so here I am coming at you semi-live and in person. I figured for this first . . .


   He smiled at me and I felt the heat From the blush glowing on my cheek Aware of his stare I wondered Should I act  boldly or be meek   . . .


 I’ve never made a New Year’s Resolution I’m too perfect to ever need one I do everything exactly right Pulling your leg for fun   I can’t remember . . .


  My circle of life is closing The ends will be meeting soon I’ve had joys overwhelming And my share of doom   As I look back its with smiles I remember . . .



 My most fondest memories, always carry me back in time to my childhood days. I remember the wonderful times that we had, while growing up in a very large family. we had our ups and downs as any normal . . .



 I have always liked Animals, one in particularly, an  old black and Tan Hound that one of my brothers gave me, she was so poor that she had to lean against the fence to bark, . . .

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Wondering who your team’s playing in 2014? Wonder no more. The National Football League recently released the opponents for all 2014 regular-season games and they have been determined and a complete . . .


 And then there were eight.  On Saturday, January 11, the Seattle Seahawks (13-3), the NFC’s Number 1 seed, will host the New Orleans Saints (12-5) at CenturyLink Field to kick off the weekend . . .


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 I have been on Gather for years, as have a lot of my Gather friends. My kids are growing up right before your eyes….. Happy Birthday Angela! I can’t believe you’re 17 now!!!! Then . . .


 Tender Mercies is the fourth book in Vicki Watson’s Sonrise Stable series.This is a wonderful Christian series of books about the lives of Rosie and Carrie and their love of horses. These chapter . . .


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 First off;  this is the Northwest Pacific. We do not get a lot of snow except in the mountains. Running down the center of WA, are the Olympics part of the Rockies. Closer to the coast are the Cascades. . . .




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