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 I hope you had a wonderful Monday! Tuesday always seems better than Mondays. Wonder why that is?  The spring flowers are making their presence known throughout the community. It is a beautiful time of year. Spring always reminds me of “new starts.” Everything is starting new again, new growth, new colors and new activities. My mind always wanders to the flower and vegetable gardens this time of year. I also begin to think of hiking. Does you mind seem to wander to various other aspects of your life in spring too?    Do you enjoy the “newness” of Spring?



 Layla Morgan Wilde will be the discussion leader for the Oprah Book Club with Eckhart Tolle’s “A New Earth.   An open  discussion will begin Tuesday April 1st @ 7 PM Eastern Time within the group “A New Earth.” I do hope you will be able to attend this open discussion. More helpful information can be found in the workbook, available free for download from Oprah’s web site.  It is a  great way to prepare for the discussion.   You can always catch up on past classes whenever it’s convenient for you.





 Kathryn Esplin-Oleski has just published the transcript of an interview that she had with Meredith McGuire, author of “The Duke of Shadows.” Meredith is the grand- prize winner of the Gather First Chapters Romance Writing Competition. Congratulations Meredith! Her book has been available since March 25th.  The first chapter of this book is available to read on Gather.






 Geoffrey Edwards is the author of “Fire Bell in the Night” Geoffrey is the finalist in the Gather.com First Chapters writing competition in January of 2007. .  I have not been fortunate enough to read this book yet but Tom d.  has and he has written a review that will make you want to rush out and get this book.  You can read other reviews as well as a transcript of the live chat with Geoffrey in the Fire Bell  in the Night Group.






 This week – The Green Group  will be discussing  POWER and renewable energy sources. Click here to join the discussion on this topic. The main topic will be on solar power, wind power and methane power.  Are you already using some of these sources of power?

Last week, Green Correspondent and Gather member Tom Hunter attended a screening of Garbage Warrior at the Walter Reade Theaterin NYC. You can read his review on the event here.




April is National Child Abuse Month. It just breaks my heart to think of the innocence of a child taken away in such a cruel manner. The children who have been abused will forever have their lives changed.  Renee (Pres of Baby James Foundation)~ has written an article with ideas you can use to help  get the word out about  child abuse. Together, we can make a difference.





Dnbuster (who do u search 4??)) has challenged all Gather Members to help raise money for Wichita Falls Neighbors Helping Neighbors (Wichita Falls, TX).  It will not cost you a penny and it will help a worthy cause. To find out more – read the challenge.  Let’s show them that the Gather Community can and does make a difference in the lives of our members.




Are you wondering how to make links in your comments? Does it drive you crazy when you have to copy and paste a link from someone Else’s comments?  Bruce K feels your pain and has come to your rescue. He has published  an article that explains how to make those links click-able in comments.  A great way to get the word out to those who continue to post links that requires copy and paste is to direct them to this Today On Gather Article. :)






Did you make it to the live chat with Erika Lenkert author of The Real Deal Guide to Pregnancy? This chat was held in the Parenting group. If you did not, make it to the live chat,  you can still read the transcript of that chat here.





 Do you often have questions about how to do something on gather? Do you wonder where your icon or your email notifications are? Is gather acting weird for you on your computer? To find answers to these and other questions, you can post your question  at the Gather Help Desk. If you had a problem at a motel, you would contact the front desk for results, right? Well the Gather Help Desk will get you results  with “gather” related problems.  Be sure to return to the article to see what the Gather Support Team or another member has written in response to your questions.




Do you check out the Gather homepage each day? Do you have any idea what is found on the Gather homepage?  Lets take a short tour and see just what is there.  Click here to get to the homepage. 

The first thing you will see is that the featured articles change right before your eyes. These changes include the Main Feature, Book Feature, Food Feature, Health feature, Money feature, Movies feature, Music feature, News feature, Politics feature and the Travel feature article.

On the left hand side you will find links to the Gather Essentials Groups. Below that, you will see Suggested Groups. To the Right you will see several Gather People featured, Gather Member images featured and some Member videos featured.

 Scroll on down a bit and you can see a list of the last few featured articles in each group.

Below that, you will see some groups featured.

Now scroll back up and on the right you will see the Gather poll.

How did you enjoy our tour?




With the economy getting worse by the day, we are all looking for ways to make our money go the distance. Today, I am going to spotlight a couple groups that have to do with being “FRUGAL.” I hope you will enjoy them.

Frugal Eats is owned by Ms. Meacham: Money Maven. This group is a place to share your elegant, budget dishes and meal cost-cutting strategies. The group specializes in meals that use the food you have, cut costs and save on time and other resources.

Micro Economics is owned by Ron Hall. Let’s assume you are not particularly rich. Or lets assume you are one of the rich who got there being smart and frugal. How do you make extra money? How do you save money? Let’s hear and read stories about knowing the value of a dollar. This group is for sharing and learning about saving money.

Homemade Mixes is owned by Connie~I Love Researching Genealogy ~ .  This group is for Frugal Homemade Mixes and the recipes that are to be made from the mixes.  This group is for those of us who want to be frugal in every way. It is very frugal to make homemade mixes and use them in our everyday cooking.




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